13 & 14 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

I'm still playing catch up on the pregnancy blog post front because life has been crazy lately, but better late than never. I published my first trimester post last week so this week l've wrote my 13 and 14 weeks pregnant diary entry.

During the 13 and 14 week period our baby has grown from the size of a peach to a lemon and roughly weighs .81 oz. Within these two weeks the babies body has grown a lot and their head is now more in proportion. The baby has been working hard on their motor skills and I've already begun feeling those little movements. If I could peek inside my womb I'd see that my baby can now squint and frown and has even started growing hair, my little love.

Coming into the 14th week of my pregnancy my nausea decided to call it a day and I couldn't have been more relieved. I'm finally able to eat proper meals and I've been thoroughly enjoying cooking our favourites such as fajita's, lasagna and roast dinners. I also really like being able to go food shopping without randomly feeling like I'm going to heave everywhere! Weight wise I've put on around 6lb so far which is no surprise when the only thing I could stomach was bread, crisps and sweet things. I've not felt as tired lately either which has also been great but on the other hand I'm so emotional all the time and my moods can change so easily. I've also got a bad back in various parts which I didn't have when expecting Noah. So far this pregnancy is a lot different to my first.

Last but certainly not least you can see for yourself that I've already popped and a bump is clearly visible. 
Though perhaps to people who aren't aware I'm pregnant I probably just look like I have a big pot belly! I've already felt those first flutters and wriggles too which I'm absolutely cherishing. I've also noticed a change in bump shape this time. It's all the way around rather than just at the front and I seem to be carrying high rather than low. I do wonder if this means I'm carrying a girl? We will find out on Monday as we are having our private gender scan! We are so excited to find out and will be over the moon either way! 


  1. Nice that you feel better i.e. nausea settled. As you say it will allow you to get on with daily tasks etc more easily. Thrilling that you are now feeling movement, a reminder of the life growing inside you. As well as reassuring of little one's existence. Probably helpful in the getting to know / accept and bond with the little one, whilst you consider how the little one will look etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Your update on baby to be's development is quite delightful. When you mention "squint" and "frown" it seems quite amazing that the little one can produce some facial expressions.

    Rachel Craig