5 tips for Mums to get back to work after having children

Nowadays it is less common for mothers to have children and then become stay at home Mums. Many women are returning to their careers or even beginning new ones to help support their families and follow their own dreams. It does not matter if you have been out of the work force for one year or ten years, you can get great job offers and become successful in a profession once again.

It is not best to wait for the perfect time to return to work. There is never the perfect time to go back you simply just have to do it when it is almost perfect. When you have a small amount of time to brush up your resume or talk to your previous employer; take it.

Becoming a mother provides you with an entirely new skill set that is incredibly marketable. Raising children develops your people skills, ability to multi task, creative problem solving, and time management skills like nothing else. It is not something tangible you can put on a CV but it should give you incredible confidence for any new job you pursue.

Adapt to the new job hunting tactics. Job hunting is very web based now and you can search for new careers and job offers on sites like uk.jobrapido.com or many others. Learn how to master these online job boards and even how to network online, and you will find it much easier to find a new career path.

With newborns or young kids it will be extremely helpful to find a flexible position or a part time job in the beginning. This will enable you ease in to a new job and simply the schedule of having to work again.

Flexibility is a two way street. Make sure the employer is offering a flexible position or a part time position and do not make any assumptions. You also have to be prepared to have a change in the work schedule or work longer hours if needed, because in the end you are making a commitment to a new job and always want to make the best impression.

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  1. I'm originally fromEstonia and there you get 3 years of maternity leave, half of that paid. And you can't be fired from your job :)

  2. Great tip and so true about flexibility working both ways

  3. Great tip and so true about flexibility working both ways