Getting prepared for Nursery

Noah starts nursery this week and I still can't get over it. It only feels like moments ago when he was a newborn in my arms but now he's almost three. He'll only be attending nursery part time, six hours per week but it's still six hours a week apart. It feels like the start of something new and the end of an era as he's spent every waking moment with me. It will be a big change for us but one that I think will really benefit him and one that I know he will thoroughly enjoy. 

To ease Noah into the process I was recently asked if we'd like to put together a little post on all our favourite bits and pieces from The Works. The items I've chosen for this post aren't just things that will be ideal for nursery or new school starters but is also focused on educational pieces too. 

Read and Play Dinosaur Activity Book - £6.00First up I chose this Dinosaur Activity pack from a favourite publisher of ours, Miles Kelly. I chose this because Noah has shown a real interest in dinosaurs lately and I think this would make a great end of week treat for him if he does his best at nursery. 

Wipe off Reward Chart - £4.00
We've never had the need to use a reward chart before as Noah has always been quite well behaved and potty training was a doddle, lucky me! That being said I'm a little apprehensive about how he's going to feel once he's started nursery. I'm worried he's going to cry a lot so I think having a reward chart may help with this, worth a try if we reach that hurdle. 

Kids Big Bag of Craft - £6.00
With Noah being away from me a few hours a week, having a blast at nursery I want him to remember that Mummy is lot's of fun too! We've always enjoyed doing arts and crafts together so I think this craft bundle is just fantastic for stocking up the crafts cupboard and perfect for those rainy days.

ABC Puzzle Train - £6.00
I've taught Noah his colours, his numbers, his shapes and everything else that he knows and that won't stop once he starts nursery. I believe that nursery do teach our children but it's not just their responsibility but ours as parents too. I absolutely love the look of this ABC puzzle train as it's quite a clever way to introduce your little one to the alphabet. 

From choosing the right school or private tuition to buying fun learning resources, we do a lot of things for our kids. We look for the ways to encourage our child to participate more actively in the classroom. Nevertheless, the back to school process becomes pleasant with this parental struggle.

- This is a PR collaboration. 


  1. Love the works -always buying their art and crafts for my neices
    Books are cheap too

  2. What a really nice outfit Noah is wearing.

    Rachel Craig

  3. i love the works and tend to buy books for my grandson there and adult colouring books and pens for myself. its a brilliant shop at affordable prices

  4. Been to the works today
    They have a great sale