Strange ways pregnancy can effect you

When you are growing a little human inside you there are many things you expect to happen. You know you will develop a baby bump and have cravings for weird foods. You may also have morning sickness for a while or be extremely fatigued. There are some more unusual changes that can also take place and it’s helpful to learn about the odd ways pregnancy can affect you.

The body
Your body is not normally ready to give birth. Many changes take place for delivery. Your pelvis prepares to deliver your baby by separating in the middle. The cervix softens and the uterine muscle relaxes, it’s all part of the process of making the delivery possible. In addition to your breasts getting larger and your feet are likely to grow as well. The arch flattens sometimes from the extra weight and this can cause your feet to get longer and wider. But fear not, you have another reason to go shopping! We always need more excuses to buy more new shoes.

Your skin can be affected by hormones too. You may develop dark spots, skin tags, dryness and other skin changes. Sunscreen and some natural oils can help and thankfully these skin problems will disappear after pregnancy.

The senses

Pregnancy can have many effects on your senses too. In both my pregnancies I've experienced heightened
 senses. From a super human sense of smell through to super sonic hearing! Sometimes this is a good thing, other times it's not.

Hormonal changes may also effect your eyes in many different ways. Water retention can actually change your cornea, which could affect your sight. This is probably a temporary change, which is why laser surgery is certainly not a good idea while you’re pregnant.
Understanding vision problems that might occur will keep you from panicking if it happens. Once your vision is back to normal, you can think about how laser surgery would let you get rid of glasses and contacts now that your baby takes all your attention.

The brain
If you feel pregnancy is causing you to forget things then you’re probably right. It’s not known what causes it but you can combat the effects of baby fog by getting enough sleep, keeping hydrated and trying to take it easy as much as you can.

The amazing process of bringing a child into the world also has some unique side effects but we wouldn't have it any other way. Bleeding gums, fat feet, hairy faces, mood swings - it's all part of the process and we get a beautiful baby at the end of it. 

Did you experience any strange changes in pregnancy?


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  2. Definitely affected my brain. I sent birthday cards with the wrong name. Put things in the fridge which didn't need to go in there.

  3. Pleased to read you mention changes that can occur with feet. Many people tend to think of or consider possible swelling. I have known people in the past to keep with their usual shoes till swelling becomes evident, some making use of partners trainers for the end of their pregnancy. This seems such a shame when foot changes can occur :- As ideally remeasuring feet, considering footwear which is comfortable, supportive and acceptable for any duties ( employment), events ( weddings etc) and so on, would seem sensible and practical.

    Women do go to get measured for a new bra during pregnancy, considering practicality e.g. Breast feeding. So it seems sad that feet and footwear is not given sufficient advice, guidance, support etc. I have found Reflexology can be Beneficial in easing aches etc in feet. Again maybe something that could assist in dealing with some of the changes caused by pregnancy.

    Rachel Craig