Project 365 - Week 40

2nd October - 8th October








What a week it's been! On Sunday we made our way home from our weekend in London. It was quite traumatic getting back as all the trains were cancelled due to 12 cows getting on the tracks and causing an accident, I kid you not. We got home eventually though. Tuesday we had a lazy morning and then an afternoon at nursery, which is getting gradually easier for us now. Wednesday was a very exciting and scary day, our 20 week scan which I will be blogging about soon. Thankfully everything looked okay and they did confirm again that she is a girl. Thursday was nursery, Friday was a lazy day and Saturday (today) we attended the Baby and Toddler Show. I thought I would end up spending a fortune but fortunately I didn't. I picked up some bargains from the Zippy stall and half a dozen free samples too! A great week indeed! 

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Love it when you get free samples at places
    Mainly getting ready for winter here -in the garden mostly making the most of the nice weather

  2. Lovely baby outfit!

  3. What a gorgeous picture in the giant deckchair!

  4. Well Done! Some lovely baby clothing items. Always nice to get a bargain, and freebies are such a treat. I would expect the show was busy. I wish they would increase venues for the Baby Show, as I'd love to be able to attend sometime.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Those cows are such a pain when it comes to train journeys the amount of times I've been stuck on the tracks or the train has hit them it seems a very common thing now!

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