23 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

The baby now weighs roughly 1.1lb and is 11.5 inches long. She is now more proportioned when it comes to her head and body and she now looks a lot more like a newborn. I've noticed a pattern in her movements lately which is great as I will now monitor it going forward as it's so important to count the kicks. She moves every now and again during the day but at night time between 11pm-3am she is extremely active. She's so much more powerful now and some of her movements and kicks can startle me! I absolutely love it though. Feeling your baby move and feeling the movements get stronger and stronger is one of the best parts of pregnancy. I was led in bed a couple of night ago with the duvet was pulled up right to my neck and she kicked so hard I could see the movement through the covers! I have a feeling she's going to be a feisty one just like her Mummy. I love her so much already.


There have been a few changes in symptoms this week but a lot of feeling the same too. I'm tired a lot but at the same time I'm struggling to sleep. My heartburn and indigestion just keeps getting worse and I've been prescribed Gaviscon again. I've also been experiencing braxton hicks type feelings in my stomach. It tends to happen when I've been walking around for a while and my bump will go tight, cramp and feel a little contraction like. It usually goes away once I sit down and relax though. I've also had a couple of weak and dizzy spells the past week which I've put that down to a mix of not drinking enough water and low blood sugar levels. My cravings have now changed too and I don't have much of an appetite. With the acid reflux I'm not able to manage oranges or citrus fruits anymore which I once craved but I'm still all about cereal. 

Bump wise I think I'm huge! People are surprised when I say how far a long I am and think I'm due in a few weeks time. In fact I looked similar to this size when I was in third trimester with Noah! Big bumps don't always mean big babies though as I was big with Noah and he came out at 7lb 2oz. So fingers crossed baby girl takes after her brother! Exhaustion, dizziness, indigestion and looking like a beached whale aside I'm loving every moment. I adore being pregnant.  

See you next week! 


  1. Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy
    You are blooming well

  2. That bump is definetly getting bigger hehe

  3. That bump is definetly getting bigger hehe

  4. Your bump is looking lovely :)

  5. My favourite stage of pregnancy x

  6. Noah's looking lively.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Aside from the dizziness, this is the best stage I think.