Creating A Home Office Space

I've been blogging for four years now and what was once a hobby has turned into my full time job and passion. Over the course of those years we've lived in a few different places but two years ago were lucky enough to be able to buy our own home. Once we'd completed months and months of renovations I had planned to make a space for myself and for my work but I haven't gotten around to it just yet. At the moment I'm still doing the majority of my writing either sat on the sofa with my laptop on my legs or at the dining room table and it's not really ideal. There are lots of short term offices to rent in Blackburn, if I get really stuck, but I'm still dreaming of my own home office space.

In the new year we plan on expanding into the attic which will give us an additional bedroom for our children and extra storage room too. This will be the perfect opportunity to be able to plan my own office space and for inspiration I've been looking on the BoConcept website at their commercial furniture

1. White Leather Desk Chair -
One of the most important things to consider when buying office furniture has to be a comfortable desk chair. There's no point scrimping and trying to save when it comes to your comfort when you are going to be spending long hours sat down on it. 
This lamp ticks every box when it comes to my home office needs. I love the look of it as its sleek and stylish but I also think it's very practical too. I think it would look the part on my work desk and the fact it's energy efficient is an added bonus.

3. Indoor Plant -
I'm a big lover of indoor plants, real ones of course. They don't need much attention, just a bit of sun light and a little water here and there. I think plants add something special to any room they are in and are also known for being stress busters.

4. Cupertino Desk -
Last but certainly not least is the Cupertino Desk which as you can see is absolutely stunning. It would not only be fit for purpose and for all my blogging needs but it would also be a great focal point to the room too.

Do you have a home office or any interior ideas you would like to share with me?

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  1. We are planning to create an office next year in the back of our garage for both myself and my other half. I literally cannot wait to have a proper office space. I've already started pinning design ideas.

  2. That desk is brilliant with the ready made cord wire holes & I'm very much loving that leather white chair too

  3. Wish we had the room for an Office space, love the table and the plant pot!!

  4. Great tips tobplan the ultimate office space

  5. Lovely space

  6. This is a great idea, and these picks are lovely. It's so good to get a proper workspace set up.