Homemade Gifts for Christmas

The final leaves are giving way to sparse silvery branches and there’s a distinct bite in the nights now as winter draws in and we say goodbye to autumn. With both Halloween and Bonfire Night drifting into memory, the Christmas season beckons.

There is nothing I like more than receiving a homemade gift for Christmas. Something that shows that someone is thinking of you, and has put some effort into making a special item to be treasured.

Snow Ball Cookies and Jar
There are few things more festive than a classic snow globe and this Christmas gift turns that idea into a cute and memorable way to give Christmas cookies. I like these snowball ones, inspired by a Mexican wedding, as they make a good decorative piece and are tasty.

Take a Kilner jar and draw small white dots on the outside to create the ‘snow’ look. Tie a festive ribbon around the top. Pop the cookies in the bottom and add some plastic festive figures, such as tree and animals and there you have a unique snowy gift.

Knitted Mermaid Tail
Whether it’s for young children or the adult mermaid in your life, a knitted mermaid blanket is a popular choice. I like this Deramores pattern because it is digital and easy to access. Choose their favourite colour and use this pattern to make a blanket to remember! Home knits of any description are a classic Christmas gift and there are some really cool options on the Deramore website.

Lavender Sugar Scrub
Luxuriate in a relaxing and soothing lavender glow with this homemade sugar scrub. You can add any essential oils to create different scents, but I really like the addition of lavender and its soothing properties.

115g cup coconut oil
335-450g granulated sugar
1 tablespoon lavender flowers
3 drops lavender oil
Optional purple food colouring

Melt the coconut oil slightly by microwaving for about 15 seconds
Add the other ingredients and mix together. If the mixture feels too liquidy, you will need to add more sugar, so judge it as you go. Ideally you want it to be thick and almost claggy – like damp sand.
Spoon your scrub into airtight containers (Kilner jars are great for this) and decorate using permanent marker, ribbon and twine for a festive look.

Do you like to give or receive homemade gifts for Christmas? 

- This is a collaborative post.


  1. I love making homemade gifts with the kids - it's so nice having that personal touch

  2. Oh what lovely ideas! I am hoping to make some homemade Christmas gifts this year with the children

  3. Some friends of our are not well off, but have a big garden where they grow fruit and veg. I look forward to our Xmas pressy from them of homemade jams and chutney! Really good!

  4. Love making handmade gifts xx feels more personal x

  5. Loving making things with my grandkiddies thanks for the chance xx

  6. yes these would make a lovely gift!

  7. I try to make handmade cards for all of the important people in my life, and I encourage the children to create presents rather than spending my money on things we don't want!

  8. I'm not brilliant at thinking up ideas for homemade gifts, but there's a few I like here, especially the Knitted Mermaid Tail, my kids would love them :)

  9. Oh I'm totally for homemade gifts! Love the thought that goes into it. I always make or get my little people to make gifts/decorations each year. I also make yummy treats for people when money is tight

  10. Ill definitely be giving sone of these a try this year.

  11. Ill definitely be giving sone of these a try this year.

  12. Some really lovely ideas here!! I love the cookies! Xo

  13. I love these ideas, and I love homemade gifts for all occasions, both giving and receiving.