Project 365 - Week 47

20th November - 26th November








As mentioned on last weeks post we've all been really unwell lately. Noah first picked up a bad cold and viral infection which developed into Tonsillitis and for me it's manifested into a chest infection. I've felt absolutely awful all week, struggling to breath, chest pain and so on. I wasn't able to get in to see my GP and was advised to go to A&E just so I could be seen my a Doctor, which was a bit ridiculous. I'm now half way through my course of antibiotics and unfortunately I'm not feeling any better at all. Noah on the other hand is a lot better, phew! With him feeling a bit more like himself he went back to nursery on Thursday afternoon and he was really excited to go! As it had just been his Birthday they sang him happy birthday and bought him a card which was very sweet. We ventured out here and there but on a whole I've been stuck in most of the week. Today we did have a 4D scan of the baby though and it was absolutely amazing, I'll be sure to blog about it soon! 

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Feeling ill and in bed - next week its shop shop shop

  2. Hope you are feeling better - a chest infection must be the worst minor illness you can have as it knocks you for six!

  3. Do hope your feeling better - do love Noah's castle!

  4. Love the photos, hope everyone feels better.

  5. Hope all are well again now. We had one of those scans done before Monkey was born - amazing aren't they #366

  6. I know the feeling on the chest infection, it seems to be a particularly nasty one this year and I have been floored with it all week. Glad Noah is over the worst.
    Happy belated birthday to him. The castle looks great.

  7. I love doing this to my children's faces they look so funny. Noah looks like he's really enjoying playing with his castle your bump looked so neat, and Noah looks like he's enjoying his tea xxx