My Outdoor Winter Essentials

One of our favourite things to do as a family is to explore the great outdoors. When the weekend arrives we always have a couple of trips out planned, no matter what the weather! We've had days out in the sunshine, in the rain and even in the snow. As long as you are dressed appropriately and are well prepared there's no stopping you and your family from getting outdoors and making memories. Here is my list of outdoor winter essentials.

1. Suitable footwear
Whenever we plan on spending the day outdoors we make sure that we are all wearing suitable footwear because there's nothing worse than being on a long walk with sore feet. I find myself wearing trainers in Spring and Summer and wellington boots or hiking books in Autumn and Winter. At the moment we've been relying heavily on our wellies a lot as the weather is so temperamental. 

2. Wear lots of layers.
The temperature has really taken a drop recently, it's bitter cold. I'm also heavily pregnant at the moment so my coat no longer fastens which has made it impossible to stay warm. I've recently been looking into investing in some thermal and waterproof coats for the whole family and Engelbert Strauss has quite a few which have taken my fancy. 

3. Bring a thermos.
You can be wrapped up as warm as you possibly can but once you've reached your destination there's nothing better than sitting down with a warm drink. I have a huge thermos that I fill with hot chocolate for our days out. I make sure to pack marshmallows and extra cups in my rucksack as well as a few snacks. To be honest, a hot chocolate after a long walk out is our favourite part! 

What are your winter essentials?


  1. I usually find that with a good hat, good gloves and a gilet under my coat, I'm warm enough whatever the temperature!

  2. Always good to get well wrapped up in this weather

  3. I have a faux fur Canadian trappers hat which keeps out the cold wind