Project 365 - Week 50

11th December - 17th December








Another week, another Project 365. This week has flown by in a hectic blur despite not even being that busy really. The start of the week was a pretty lazy one as I've been taking it easy as I'm currently struggling with pregnancy related pelvic pain. On Sunday we did visit Gordon Riggs which is a local garden centre which goes really over the top at Christmas, it's fantastic. Monday my Mum took Noah out for the afternoon so I spent the free hours catching up on some blogging. Tuesday Noah had nursery and he cried when I left him again, I almost cried too! When I went to collect him his new key worker said that he'd had a great time though, which is a relief. Wednesday was Mummy and Noah day and when Daddy came home from work we all went out for a nice dinner at one of our favourite places, The Ramm Inn. I won't tell you what I ate because it was a lot, it's so good through! Thursday was nursery again and thankfully Noah didn't cry! I think it had to do with the fact one of his favourite members of staff was in charge of his group, as soon as he saw her he went and sat on her lap. Friday and Saturday seem to have gone really fast even though Noah is unwell again, with another epic cold. I've spent the last few days trying to have a clear out for Christmas and although I've gotten rid of a lot of things you can't really tell! I think the rest of the weekend will be spent wrapping presents and trying to prepare for Christmas.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Poor Noah's really been suffering in the last few weeks, I hope he's feeling better soon, especially with Christmas only around the corner x

  2. I think they're all so tired at this time of year. Have a lovely Christmas #366

  3. sorry to hear you're having problems with the pregnancy. Good to hear your son is settling into nursery, it can make all the difference to you and him knowing he likes the people he is with

  4. Fingers crossed Noah's cold goes quickly. My decluttering and tidying doesn't look like it's done much either. Have a good Christmas

  5. Glad he settles into nursery, nothing worse than leaving a crying child behind.
    Glad you enjoyed your meal.
    The cold that is doing the rounds seems to leave for a few days and come back with a vengeance.