5 Ways To Make A Memorable Baby Shower

Baby showers are a celebration that the UK mums and dads has recently adopted from our American cousins and they've become all the rage over the last couple of years. They seem to grow in popularity every year and it's no surprise as to why. They are a great way to celebrate your pregnancy, they add to the excitement of the lead up to your new arrival, they are the perfect excuse to have a party with your friends and family, receive lots of thoughtful gifts and eat a truck load of indulgent snacks. What's not to love?

I had a baby shower when I was expecting Noah which you can read all about here. It was hosted by my mother in law and all my closest family and friends were invited. I was in two minds about having a baby shower at all, as I'm not one to be the centre of attention, but I'm so glad I did as it was a very special day for me and one that I remember fondly. I was surrounded by people that I love and I laughed so much that a few times I thought I may actually force myself into labour!

Not only did I have an incredible time at my baby shower but I also received some really useful gifts too. My favourites being a baby bath, baby towel and a whole hamper full of Pampers Sensitive Wipes and Pampers Premium Protection New Baby Nappies. I used both the nappies and wipes as soon as Noah was born as I knew they are the only newborn nappy endorsed by the British Skin Foundation, so would be kind and gentle on his newborn skin which was great for my peace of mind. It also helped me a lot as a new Mum, as I didn’t need to buy any wipes or nappies for the first couple of months. As lovely as baby clothes, shoes and toys are you can’t beat receiving the necessities and Pampers were just that to us. If you want to really treat an expectant parent to the most useful gift of all then I would recommend looking at pushchairs. A great idea would be for everyone to chip in and splurge on one - I know I would have really appreciated it!

If you’re thinking of having a baby shower or wanting to plan one for a friend, then I really can't recommend one enough. Today I thought I'd share a couple of tips which could help you create a baby shower to remember.

1. Invite the right guests
This could make or break a baby shower, it really could. Do your research on who your expectant mother would like to attend as you really don't want a sour face relative or arch enemy turning up for the event. She'll want to be surrounded by her nearest and dearest so it really is all about quality and not quantity when it comes to your attendees.

2. Be organised and prepared
When hosting, it certainly pays off to be organised and have some sort of itinerary to work with. You want the baby shower to run smoothly and avoid any stress which other guests or expectant mother may pick up on. You also don't want to be running around like a headless chicken and will want to enjoy the party yourself.

3. Plan lots of fun games
A highlight of my baby shower has got to be the games! There are so many fun games that you can plan for a baby shower, some are ice breakers, some bring out people’s competitive side and some are downright hilarious. A favourite of mine has got to be the chocolate nappy game where you add different melted chocolate bars to different nappies. They are then passed around and the guests have to guess what chocolate each nappy contains by sniffing it. The person who guessing the most correctly wins!

4. Provide lots of food and snacks
Imagine turning up to a baby shower and there being no food! There would be a lot of unhappy guests and well not providing food to a pregnant lady is just the epitome of cruel, how could you do that to her! Sacrilege! A buffet style spread would suffice but make sure there is lots and lots of cake!

5. A thoughtful gift or two
A good place to start are the essentials that any new parent will relish as a present – a healthy supply of Pampers nappies and wipes to get them started, it definitely helps having them on hand! A very personalised and thoughtful way to end a baby shower is to also present the expectant mother with a memento to mark the occasion. There are so many options when it comes to a thoughtful keepsake, especially online and most don't cost very much either. I was given a crystal heart decoration with a blue ribbon and it was one of the first items I put inside my son’s memory box. I still treasure it three years later.

For more tips and advice on throwing the best baby shower possible read this article brought to you by Pampers. Do you have any tips or ideas when it comes to hosting a baby shower?

- Wrote in collaboration with Pampers as part of The Pampers Baby Board.


  1. Yes, it seems that Baby Showers are getting more popular. Seem a nice idea. As allows a get together, acknowledges the pregnancy and helps everyone prepare for the new arrival. Fun and games I believe occur at most Baby Shower. Know of someone who had Baby Shower last year when expecting her first baby. They all enjoyed the day. A much wanted baby, as previous miscarriages, family and friends has children.

    Rachel Craig

  2. This looks like so much fun. I wish I had had a baby shower.

  3. looks great fun, baby showers are very popular now

  4. Lovely cake, really nicely decorated.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Only been to one and found it fun -great way to celebrate

  6. What lovely cupcakes.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Thought I'd have a read of this as one of my friends asked me today if I wanted a baby shower as I've never had one before. I've been to a few and they are great fun! always lots of cake too which is never a bad thing! ;-)

  8. The baby showers have become very popular the last few years,I hadn't heard of them when I had my son nearly 13 years ago, I didn't have one on Megan or Mollie either,but my uncle and hos partner had one last year and it was lovely xxx