Ideas For My Daughters Nursery

With our daughter due any day now and an another home renovation just around the corner I thought it would be rather fitting to put together a post all about my nursery decor ideas. We are planning on expanding into the attic this year which will give us another room which Noah will then move into. He will really enjoy a bigger bedroom and the extra space. Once this is completed we will then be redecorating Noah's room into a nursery for our baby girl. As you can tell, 2017 is going to be one busy year for us.

Having undergone
 a full house renovation two years ago I'm quite good an envisioning what I want rooms to look like. I don't need to look around for much inspiration as it just seems to come to me and the same can be said when it comes to planning my daughters room.

Pink Butterfly Mobile
I already have the colour scheme for her room all planned out. I want hints of pink and lilac mixed with subtle grey and white. I think this is a great way to be feminine and enjoy pinks without it being too overbearing. I've been looking at handmade cot and ceiling mobiles on Etsy and have totally fallen in love with the butterfly designs. I'm going to have to order one soon.  

Miffy Nightlight
Every child's room has got to have a nightlight and I really adore the character themed ones. Miffy has been a favourite character of mine since I was a little girl so I'd love to add some Miffy touches here and there for my daughter to enjoy too.

White Sleigh Cot
When I was pregnant with Noah I chose pine nursery furniture as it was our favourite when looking around the shops. It also matched the colour scheme I'd planned for his nursery so it was the obvious choice to go for. This time around I'd love to go for a white theme, just for it to be different to what we've had previously. I've had my eye on this sleigh cot for quite some time now and I may have to order it once she is in her own room.

Made to Measure Curtains
Our house is quite an old build and we've noticed that the windows and doors are all irregular sizes. This can make buying new doors and curtains quite tricky and that's where made to measure curtains come in. I've been looking at the lilac ones for her bedroom or perhaps some grey ones.

Handmade Art Work
I've taken some inspiration from Pinterest here and really want to create some artwork with the baby. I love the idea of using her hands and feet to make decorative prints. Not only would they look gorgeous but they would make the most lovely keepsake too. 

Star Storage Box
One thing I've learnt from being a parent these last three years is that you can never have enough storage! These little people that we create sure need a lot of things! I'm constantly buying toy boxes and storage towers so I'd definitely have to buy some for her bedroom too. 

Did you have a theme or ideas in mind when decorating your child's nursery?

- This is a collaborative post. 


  1. Beautiful ideas.

    Rachel Craig

  2. The white Sleigh Cot does look lovely. Though is it a cotbed?

    Rachel Craig

  3. Some gorgeous ideas here!! Love the butterfly mobile, perfect for a baby girls nursery. We have gone for quite a neutral nursery as we are having a 'surprise'!! We went for a lot of white too, we found a beautiful white cot which has some amazing functions it transforms in to a toddler bed, double bed and sofa, a brilliant multifunctional piece of furniture which will grow with our child.

  4. Miffy Nightlight looks wonderful.

    Rachel Craig

  5. We didn't have a separate nursery. Whilst I love the idea of a cute nursery, we simply didn't have the room or money for it.

  6. Absolutely beautiful, Shes a lucky little lady, we are in a two bedroom maisonette with 5 of us so we are staying on the sofa while mollies crib is next to it we are hopingbto move before Christmas but our housing association is useless xxx