Project 365 - Week 9/52 & 10/52

26th February - 11th March

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11th March 2017

I've been taking part in Project 365 for a few years now and I've never missed a week. Last week I was AWOL but for good reason, our baby girl was born. As I type this I have her curled up on my lap after a feed so I've had to dash on to the laptop while I can. Today is a double post to cover the past fortnight and as you can see by the photo's we've had a very busy 14 days! I was overdue, we had pancake day, world book day, lots of trips out, nursery, visiting family, a few meals out and then of course the birth of our daughter who was born on the 3rd. She is now a week old and going from one child to two has been a big adjustment so far, mainly emotionally. I think it's cause my hormones are still all over the place, it can be quite overwhelming! All in a good way of course. We absolutely adore our Ava and Noah has done so well with such a big change!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Congratulations, she looks totally adorable xxx #365

  2. We're taking part of a Sugar Smart challenge for the next 11 weeks :D

  3. Some absolutely beautiful photos of your growing family

  4. Nice photos.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Wow, always so many beautiful photos! Hope your all getting on well and are healthy and happy! x

  6. Great pancake and lovely photos