Getting Garden Ready For Summer

Can you believe it's April already and Spring is here? The year is flying by and at times I wish it would slow down but I cannot wait for the sun and warmer weather! Our garden is at it's peak in the Summer months and I find that in Autumn and Winter it gets neglected. When it's cold and dull outside we don't like sitting out in the garden as much as usual and prefer to be nice and warm indoors so it's easy to turn a blind eye to it all. I'm not going to lie, our garden needs some serious TLC! The grass is patchy yet overgrown in some areas, it has muddy puddles where the playhouse and water table have been and there are abandoned toys trodden into the soil. It's a mess!

With the weather slowly getting warmer and more pleasant I've found myself sitting out more in the garden with both children. It's nice to get a bit of fresh air and some sun on our skin in our own personal space. We've already had a picnic outside and had numerous play dates too but there's so much we need to do to our garden now the colder months are over. 

I recently put together a checklist of jobs that I want doing over the summer months and three of those revolve around our garden and yard space. First of all I want the hedges and lawn to be pristine again as they both look a state at the moment. Secondly I'd love to totally rearrange the back yard and perhaps install some decking as it would be lovely to have summer BBQ's out back in Summer. Last but not least I want to add a nice block paving drive from Travis Perkins to our front garden as we really struggle to park on our street and it's not ideal with two small children. My checklist of DIY tasks is honestly never ending as our new home always seems to need something else doing to it but we will get there eventually!

Do you have any tips on keeping your garden in good shape over the colder months? 

- This is a PR collaboration. 


  1. aww glad to see Noah getting invovled mine hate helping me out in the garden lol and over the colder months you can't do much except basically weed and pick up the leavesx

  2. Unfortunately no, I don't. As I do not experience of caring for a garden. Though your plans in regards to decking and a blocked paving drive should reduce the overall size of your garden. Therefore you will have less garden to care for. I would expect that information in regards to caring for a garden throughout the various times of the year etc :- Would be available from staff within a Garden Centre.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Aww this looks fantastically fun! xx

  4. Wishing you and your gorgeous family a Very Happy Easter :-)

  5. I always find it hard to keep the gardens tidy and manageable in winter! They always end up looking terrible! It's amazing what a difference fresh paint and power washed patio can do!

  6. I've been out cutting back the brambles and pulling up the knot weeds, its the same every summer, Noah looks super cute in shades, Megan has a few pairs but still prefers mine xxx