Noah - 3 Years Old

My boy turned three back in November and I'm still getting my head around where the time has gone. It only feels like yesterday when he was a newborn baby never mind when I was writing his two year and two and a half year updates. So much has changed in such a short amount of time, I didn't realise there would be such a big leap from two to three but there really has been! He turns three and a half in May so I thought I'd better get a move on and get this post published as it's been sitting in my drafts for a couple of months now.

Well, well, well. As they get older and bigger their character certainly grows a long with them too! Noah's always been quite a pleasant, easy going and funny child so there's nothing new there. He will do absolutely anything to make you smile and laugh and has a really caring streak, he's a sweetheart. Most of the time!

He's never really been one for tantrums either so we basically skipped the "terrible two" stage, which was a relief at the time. Turns out he saved all his sass for when he turned three, he's certainly a little "threenager" right about now. He still doesn't really tantrum but he can be difficult when he wants to be! I find myself having to get down to his level and explain why he can't do such and such a thing a lot more than I ever have, which is exhausting when pregnant with his baby sister. 

edit - Since writing this he's gotten a lot better with this! Which is great timing now his baby sister is now here (who he absolutely adores!) He still has his moments but on a whole he's well behaved for his Mummy. His Daddy on the other hand, he can be a monkey for!

Noah now wears a combination of 2-3 and 3-4 clothes and size 6 shoes. He's quite slim but is quite tall with his long limbs. We recently weighed him and he was 2 stone three which is a good weight for his height and age.

If you'd asked me about his health just before he started nursery I would have said everything has been fine but ever since he joined in September it's been one thing after another. He's had numerous colds, viral infections and even a chest infection and tonsillitis! He seemed to get the majority of these just after he turned three in November and even now he's still not fully over them as a night cough still remains. Bring on Summer, it's rubbish this time of year for illnesses and bugs! (Ignore the dummy in this photo, we took this back in November when he was just about to get rid!)

Noah no longer has bottles of milk, we knocked that on the head quite a while ago now, a good 7 months ago. He still drinks milk but out of a cup and drinks a lot of water every day. Food wise he has three set meals a day and numerous snacks. He's still a fantastic eater and will pretty much try anything you put in front of him, he's great for that! He's more adventurous than I am when it comes to food, he puts me to shame! His favourite food without a doubt is pasta but he also loves cheese, fruit, veg, beans.

The boy who slept through from three months old can be very hit and miss when it comes to sleep these days. I think the fact that he no longer wears nappies to bed, no longer has a bedtime bottle and no longer has a dodo is a big contributor to how he struggles now to settle at night. He still has his beloved kiki and his Ewan the dream sheep but after having a dodo every night for the past three years to nothing must be quite difficult. He tends not to nap anymore as I find that when he does he's almost impossible to get to sleep at night, even a half hour nap can totally mess up his sleeping pattern. On a good day he will settle at 8pm and sleep through till around 8am, with one wake up to go for a wee in the night of course!

He's getting there with his speech now. I wouldn't say he has ever been properly behind but he's been lazy with it, that's for sure. He'd been stringing one, two or three words together for the past six months or so but it's only been the past month where he's beginning to form sentences. As it's been such a long time coming it sometimes shocks me when he comes out with a long sentence. He still has his own ways of saying certain words which I absolutely love. Noah was obsessed with Halloween this year so two new favourite words that he pronounces in his own way are Yombie/Zombie and Panfire/Vampire! You've got to be really careful what you say around him now too because he repeats absolutely everything!

Potty Training
Noah has been dry both day and night since he was two and a half. He just seemed to get it. It was a breeze and I think that's because he was ready, we never pressurised him and totally followed his lead. I think during our entire potty training experience he must have had about five accidents in total. I wrote a post about our potty training journey which contains some tips which helped us a long the way. You can read it here

Milestones and New Tricks
He now goes to nursery, three afternoons a week.
Has made his first best friend at nursery.
Doesn't have a dummy or bottle anymore and hasn't for around 6 months.
Is fully potty trained and has been since two and a half.

Can use the toilet himself and can go all night without waking to go.
He will always say please and thank you. 

Favourite Things
He has a never ending list of favourite things but here goes nothing! Superheroes, toy figures, collecting things, bling bags, surprise eggs, chocolate eggs, his family, unboxing videos on youtube, being silly, his wellies, toy story, his baby sister, daddy, playing outside, ooshies and imaginext toys, sweeties, tomatoes, jumping on the bed, bath time, seeing family, making friends, going to the park, Marvel, DC, Marvel Live, the cats, dens, going shopping, the toy shop, cuddles and kisses, fruit, dancing, He-man, play fighting.

Least Favourite Things
Bedtime, Mummy dropping him off at nursery, singing, brushing teeth, loud noises, being told no.


  1. Hope Noah has a nice day today with his sister (sibling) as it is National Sibling Day. Enjoy!

    Rachel Craig

  2. What a lovely diary update on Noah.
    Not gushing but certainly full of love and he sounds gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Hes' so cute :) Hope hes had a good sibling day :) xx

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  5. Noah will make a great big brother , and yes time flys when they are young and before you know it they are a teenager lol

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  8. Sorry about multiple posts but for some reason getting system service errors and when I refresh your page my comment doesn't appear :-( think I've got my post in now thugh which is above :D

  9. Lovely expressive face. My 2 year old is now starting to try his clothes. Almost every time he manages to wear frontside backwards.

  10. Some important milestones there :) My son Oliver is the same age :)

  11. Noah looks so grown up in the pictures. First child in family often has a lot of adult attention, and interaction. Seems Noah may have benefited from that as from your update he seems thoughtful and intelligent /wise. A delightful child.

    Rachel Craig

  12. You're lucky to have avoided the terrible twos. My little girl has the sulk and the tantrum down to a tee if she doesn't get her own way. I just ignore her at home but it's so hard when you're out and about.

  13. its lovely watching the progress of your beautiful children via this blog, give them a cuddle from me

  14. He is so handsome and a credit to you jen xx