Project 365 - Week 16/52

16th April - 22nd April

16th April 2017

17th April 2017

18th April 2017

19th April 2017

20th April 2017

21st April 2017

22nd April 2017

We started out week with Easter Sunday! We visited family and ate lots of chocolate eggs! It was quite a relaxed Easter Sunday! On Monday we met up with family and went on an Easter Egg hunt around Gawthorpe Hall which we tend to do every year, it's become quite a tradition. Noah really enjoyed walking around and finding all the Easter gnome's with his cousin, finding their names and then filling out the questionnaire. Once he'd finished we then took our sheet to the ladies who had organised it and Noah won an Easter egg in return! On Tuesday I thought Noah was back at nursery so ended up walking up there to only find it closed, which he found hilarious! Silly Mummy! Instead we spent the afternoon in the garden with our next door neighbours, enjoying the sun and a natter! It was then back to nursery on the Wednesday and Noah was actually looking forward to going back and seeing his friends. My Mum also came over in the afternoon to spend some time with Ava and I, then we did the nursery run together. Thursday was nursery again, Friday was the usual shopping and visiting family. Today, on Saturday we had an afternoon out at a local park and met up with family again. It was warm when it wanted to be so we had to make the most of it.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Kinder Easter Egg looks good. We had a nice Easter Sunday.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Aww look at her gorgeous smile xxx

  3. 18/04/2017 photo really nice. Ava seems to have grown and is alert.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Megan couldn't wait for the easter bunny to bring her a giant kinder egg she had a my little pony one, she had her favourite character too so was really happy xxx

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