10 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Being a mother of two the majority of what I do, say, write and think revolves around my children. Some days it consumes me, especially with Ava being so young. I often find myself spread really thin but I wouldn't have it any other way, noway. Today I thought I'd put together a post that is just about me, 10 little things that make me happy (minus my babies because lets face it they aren't little things, they are huge!)

1. The colour of the Balearic sea! In fact, everything about the Balearic's makes me happy! I will emigrate out to Majorca one day, it's a dream of mine and one that I will make come true one way or the other. 

2. American TV shows. You can't beat a good TV show binge with a big bowl of snacks, especially if you can get some of your blogger friends addicted to the same show at the same time too! Rebecca and Charlotte, sorry not sorry! 

3. Tea. I was never a fan of cups of tea until I gave birth to Noah and that cup of tea and plate of toast you are given after labour tasted so good that I've been hooked ever since. I now know what all the fuss is about! In fact, I'm sipping on a cuppa right now.

4. Spotting Cherry Blossom Tree's when they are in bloom. I don't know what it is about them but when I see them I automatically feel happier and more relaxed. I have one tattooed on the back of my neck too, although it's a bit naff and needs re doing. 

5. The smell of freshly cut grass. I don't think there's a better smell? Bar the new baby smell and petrol perhaps. 

6. Having my hair brushed or played with. I love it so much that I've offered to pay Nick to do it in the past and have even bribed him a couple of times too. 

7. THE SUN, especially that first bit of warm sun on your face after a cold and dark winter. I can almost feel the Vitamin D soaking into my bones!

8. Banana and Nutella pancakes, need I say more?

9. A good book and having the time to read it and really get stuck into it. Those moments are few and far between at the moment but reading is one of my favourite things to do.

10. When a song that's one of my old favourites comes on in the car or on the kitchen radio then breaking out in song and dance. I must look and sound like a fool but who cares, it makes me happy! 

To spread a little happiness around I tag Rebecca from Mum of a Premature Baby, Cassie from Lily's Little Learners, Sophie from Soph Obsessed, Jess from Tantrums To Smiles, Lyndsey from My Family of Roses and Rachel from It's Rachel Beauty.

What are 10 little things that make you happy? 


  1. I agree with you on numbers 7, 9 and 10 in particular! :-)

  2. Yes, I agree people are not things. There are people whom we love, and they can make us happy.

    Ten things that can make me feel happy:-

    1. Seeing others happy. Comedy, Humour, Smiles etc.

    2. Tea, oh I do love tea. Though I do come from a family that has Tea Jennys similar to myself. I think my Mum, Aunt etc were huge influences on me in regards to tea with cake and biscuits etc and of course good company.

    3. Animals, I think it is their friendliness. I grew up with pets and they can be part of the family. Though I also like other animals. Lovely to hear birds chirping in Springtime etc.

    4. Trees, flowers and plants in Springtime (mainly, as best season for plants flourishing).

    5. Acts of Kindness.

    6. Expressions of Appreciation.

    7. Respectful Behaviour.

    8. Sharing, it's nice to see people sharing time together, a chat over a cup of tea. Sharing seating on a park bench. Enjoying a picnic together etc.

    9. Seeing children playing in the park together, having fun. Interacting and being Caring, Sharing, Kind, Gentle etc.

    10. Attending Events, Outings etc . Such as cinema, theatre, Barbeque, music event, garden party etc.

    Nice to think of things which help to make our day/s worthwhile.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I love simple things in life!!
    1. Binge watching boxsets is my fave thing to do!
    2. Looking at funny pictures online
    3. Watching funny videos online
    4. Making lists for absolutely every aspect of my life....even when I know I'll get too distracted doing numbers 1,2 & 3 to ever complete these lists!
    5. Ice cream by the beach
    6. Smell of Malibu sun lotion
    7. Playing carpool karaoke with my son
    8. Getting my hair played with
    9. Having my eyelids massaged (weird I know)
    10. And finally.....laughing. It's just the best! x

  4. Fruits of the Spirit :- Gentleness etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Thank you for the tag gorgeous I will be doing mine next week! :D

    Sophie xx


  6. Good topic for a blog.

    Rachel Craig

  7. I recall my Mum's friends frequently wishing us and others :- Health, Wealth and Happiness.

    Rachel Craig

  8. I match with you on a lot of these..especially The sea and Tea!

  9. Cups of tea have to be done 😂😂

  10. Enjoyed watching Now Voyager film on tv. Good film, and Bette Davies a Great Actress. Hope more Bette Davis films are shown, as she was in some Great Films. I recall she did some ( possibly two) in which she played the parts of twins. Credit where it is due :- Bette Davis was one of The Greatest Actresses. I value her contributions to the film industry etc.

    Rachel Craig

  11. A good book and the time to read. I used to read all the time....

  12. I'm the same being a mummy of 3 my thoughts are always on my children or what the need etc, it is nice to take time out for yourself but I miss them to much and the thought of being without them for a few hours fills me with dread xxx

  13. This is a beautiful post made me smile

  14. Ah we really should write these lists every time we feel down. Mine are my kids laughing, the sun, seeing my nan smile, chocolate, wine, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. I am a huge chocolate fan lol

  15. Ashleigh Allan29 July 2017 at 15:44

    Banana and nutella pancakes would be on my list too!