Ava - 2 Months Old

Two months already, I could cry! Everything is even more bittersweet this second time around as we know we are stopping at two children. I keep trying to soak up every moment but it's so hard when you have more than one child cause your time is split two ways. It doesn't feel like two minutes since she was born but at the same time it feels like she's been with us forever, she's really fitted into our family, she's made us complete.

Ava is a very happy and smiley baby, as soon as she wakes up in the morning she beams from ear to ear before you even have chance to smile at her first. She really enjoys being talked to and will reply with the cutest sounding babbles. She also loves to be held and cuddled, especially by Mummy. She's quite dependant on me and she won't ever let me put her down and as lovely as it is, it's quite exhausting too.

She now weighs 12lb 12oz, is 62cm long and is following the 91st percentile to a tee. She's very tall and is starting to get her baby fat, which I absolutely love! She's in size 2 nappies and is wearing 0-3 clothing. 

No health complaints this month! Nothing at all, not even nappy rash or a bit of cradle cap. Hopefully I don't jinx myself there! Noah's had a bad cold and cough this month so Ava has been lucky not to catch it considering he is always smothering her in kisses. I wonder if my milk is giving her some immunity to it, I like to think so. 

We are still breastfeeding and loving every moment. She feeds on demand which is usually every 2-3 hours during the day but come night time she usually goes 4 or 5 hours without waking for a feed, one night she did a 7 hour stretch! She's doing really well and I just follow her lead. 

As mentioned above when it comes to bedtime Ava usually sleep between 4-5 hours without waking for a feed which is great. She tends to sleep best in our room so as soon as we go up for the night she has a big feed and usually falls asleep in my arms. I've only just starting to get her to sleep in her Snuzpod but to achieve that I have to let her fall asleep on me first. We are getting there slowly but surely but she's still only 8 weeks old and is still in that fourth trimester so I think she's doing great. 

* Ava recently discovered her hands and is often found chewing on them.
* After discovering her hands she realised she can control them and so really concentrates on touching things and has a real fascination with her coloured blankets and pattern lamaze toys.
* She's extremely strong so has great neck and head control and is even trying to roll from back to front. She's growing up way too fast!
* She loves to chat and as soon as you start speaking her face lights up and she responds with the cutest cooing noises you've ever heard.

Favourite things and dislikes
Milk, being snuggled by Mummy, sleeping in Mummy's bed, smiles, being spoken too, bath time, her lamaze toys, her comforter and blankets, Noah, the sun, lullaby music, being held in general. She doesn't like having her clothes changed but doesn't mind her nappy being changed. She also doesn't like being put down or being alone for two seconds, she's very much a velcro baby!


  1. Ava seems to have grown and matured so fast. Nice that the children are fond of each other. She is a pretty girl with a lovely smile.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Ava is super adorable. I love those headbands, I remember putting those on my daughter, so cute

  3. Oh she is just snuggly wuggly :)

  4. Nice that you are truly enjoying time with your daughter. Noah being so fond of his sister is nice. Both your children need you and love you. A family of four just as you had been looking forward to.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Oh my goodness how cute! I cannot believe how much she has changed :)

  6. Ava seems to suit her hairbands

    Rachel Craig

  7. Wow 2 months already! How lucky you are that she's sleeping so well at night! :-) x

  8. Oh wow her smile is absolutely adorable, and the photo of Noah and Ava shows their close bond and it still shines now xxx