5 Ways To Save Money When Booking A Holiday

Holidays are so expensive these days. I remember back when you could book a great last minute deal for under £500. These days you are lucky to get one for double that price. It can't be just me who seems to have noticed the influx? With this in mind, I thought I would put together a post on ways I have saved money when booking a holiday.

1. Don't rush into booking.
You might think you have found a good deal when you are about to book but if it's the first place you've gone don't do it, don't rush. Most travel agents will 
match prices or even offer something better so it always pays to wait and scout around.

2. Use cashback wesbites

If you choose to book a hotel or holiday online you must use a cashback website, you would be crazy not to! Any money earned can then be withdrawn, converted to euro's and then spent on your holiday. Free sangria anyone?

3. Book in advance.

This is a tip that we took on board this year when booking our holiday. We booked with almost a year ahead of us. By doing so we paid off a lump sum and committed to paying the rest off in instalments. This has worked for us because we've pretty much paid it off now and it doesn't feel like a large amount of money has come out our bank at the same time. It's given us time to save and be smarter with out money without any stress when it comes to finance.

4. Book last minute.
If booking in advance isn't for you and you are able to wait until the last minute there are some great deals to be had. You can save a small fortune by booking a last minute cruise or when cottage booking. We've done so in the past but it's a bit trickier to do once you have a child.

5. Limit all costs.
I'm always trying to limit costs when traveling and up till this year, we have always paid for a taxi transfer to and from the airport. I wasn't aware that airport parking works out a lot cheaper and we will certainly be choosing this option come May.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?
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