Ava - 3 Months Old

Okay, I'm ready for time to slow down a little now. How is my little newborn baby now three months old? I could cry because she's growing so quickly. I feel like I just have to blink and she's changed a little bit more and it's so bittersweet! As much as you want your row, to bloom and to witness every one of their milestones it's also sad how quickly it all seems to happen. As I type this she is fast asleep in a rugby style hold after having a feed. I'm looking down at her as she makes the sweetest noises in her sleep. There's nothing better than this. Anyway, lets get to it. Here is my sweet Ava's 3 month update.

She is one of the happiest babies I've ever known or come in contact with, I only have to look at her and she coo's and smiles from ear to ear, she's so lovely. She needs constant physical contact, is very social and doesn't like to be on her own for a second. She can go from perfectly happy to screaming in the flick of a switch and that tends to be when she's in the arms of someone else and she realises she wants to be back with her Mummy. She's very much a Mummy's girl and I absolutely love it. 

My little chunky monkey now weighs around 14lb, she's a whole stone in weight! She fits into mainly 3-6 month clothing now but some 0-3 sleep suits still fit her, she's already in size 3 nappies too! I can't believe how big she's gotten in such a short amount of time, maybe being 9lb 4oz at birth gave her that big head start!


Nothing to complain about this time on the health front. She's had the sniffles a few time, caught off her brother but they quickly subsided and didn't bother her at all. She's had no nappy rash, cradle cap or dry skin.

We are still breastfeeding and Ava is thriving, I'm so happy. We don't have a feeding schedule or anything, everything is baby led but I do find her wanting a feed at set times every day. I've really enjoyed our breastfeeding journey so far and really hoping we can do it for a long time, till whenever she wants to wean from it. 


Ava can be a monkey when it comes to sleep. She won't nap anywhere other than in my arms or in bed with me, the minute I put her down or walk out the room she instantly wakes up and cry's her eyes out. So nap time is very hit and miss, unless I hold her! At bedtime she will stay awake or doze in my arms until I go to bed myself, she then feeds and usually sleeps between 4-5 hours, feeds and then goes back to sleep for another 4-5 hours. Sometimes she has one feed during the night, sometimes two. When Noah was 3 months old he was sleeping through already but he wasn't breastfed so I can't expect that of Ava just yet.

Milestones and new tricks
*Ava had her first holiday, to Marbella with all her family.
* She also giggled for the first time on holiday! At the moment she will only laugh but only when tickled! She isn't laughing socially just yet. 
* Last month she discovered her hands and this month she's discovered her feet! She loves grabbing a hold of them and talks to them too! We are just waiting for her to pop them in her mouth now.
* She's almost rolling over and I think in the next week or two that she'll master it. I think she will be really quick at reaching her milestones, quicker than Noah anyway as he really took his time. 

* She is so good at grabbing things, our faces, hair, her toys.
* She's really interested in her toys and loves to lay on her play mat or activity mat.
* Ava is a lot more vocal now and is using consonant sounds and not just vowels.
* She's very steady when doing tummy time and controlling her head and neck.

Likes and dislikes
Being held, talked to, kissed, cuddled and sung too. Having her hands held or stroked. Sleeping in Mummy's bed. TREES! Mummy and Daddy. Her cuddly toys and play mat. Lamaze toys. When Noah is being silly and performing for her. Baby TV and Peppa Pig. Teethers and anything she can chew on. Feeding. Her snuggly jellycat bunny's. She doesn't like getting dressed, being put down or left alone for two minutes! 


  1. Aww she's a beautiful poser, my Mollie is 4 months on the 5th July, it goes by so quickly, where did you get the milestone cards, I've seen a few photos with them now xxx

  2. What a beautiful cheery baby you have, she seems so lovely.
    (totally unlike my 2nd who was so grumpy, refused to breastfeed, had to be held on the edge of my knee when being fed and would only sleep in her bouncy chair...lol at 5 she finally loves cuddles and being close lol)

  3. What a beautiful journey you are all having -great you are all getting on so well

  4. Babies do seem to grow up so quickly. Ava looks long in the pictures, maybe she'll be a slender long legged dancer? She is pretty. Enjoy! Time passes so quickly. Nice that she is such a happy baby and well settled into the family. She will learn lots from her older brother Noah.

    Rachel Craig

  5. shes growing so fast and is a little stunner, enjoy the cuddles she will be on the go before you know it

  6. What a beautiful happy baby girl!! Xoxo

  7. You mention Ava being very attached to yourself. Reminded me of years ago :- hearing a mother say the same thing of her own baby. She was finding it difficult to wean baby from the breast, though she believed baby of suitable age / stage. Also baby would not settle at night for Dad. She came to the conclusion that baby associated mum with feeding / breast milk and comfort. It did take her some time to get baby to adapt to spending more time with Dad, and then settling at night for Dad. As she was returning to work, she had to adapt routine.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Lovely Holiday Outfit.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Gorgeous pictures,take and keep lots and lots of pictures, they are great to look back on when they are older.

  10. I breastfed my daughter Sheriah 4 up till 10 Months when she decided she didn't want to know anymore and I'm still nursing my baby Charlie who is 11 months

  11. She is adorable