Ava - 5 Months Old

Ava is now five months old and time is flying by way too quickly for my liking, can I not hit pause for a moment? I can remember writing Noah's 5 month update like it was only yesterday so it's crazy to think that now Ava is that age too and Noah is 4 in just 3 months time!

Oh, she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. I absolutely adore her, so much so that sometimes I think my heart could just burst. From the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed she's a delight, even when going through a leap. She's very rarely grumpy or whiny and is so easy to please. There's nothing she loves more than being cuddled, kissed or being sung too and she likes lots of physical contact. The only time she really protests is when she is having her clothes changed but that's literally it! She's such a good girl.


She's a big girl, quite similar to how Noah was at the same age. She weighs roughly 16lb and is in a mix of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing, depending on the fit and where the clothes are from as I find everything varies so much. She's very long and quite chunky, she's solid! She has the sweetest chunky thighs, bum and cheeks! I could just gobble her up.

Nothing to write home about this month when it comes to her health, everything has been fine. Not even a patch of cradle cap or nappy rash, she's been great.


Breastfeeding is going really well and I'm so happy with how our journey has been so far. I feel so fortunate that everything has just gone so smoothly because I had my breastfeeding fears before she was born but I really didn't need to fret. I still feed her on demand but recently I've noticed she spaces her feeds out a lot more and feeds for longer at the breast. She can go between 2-3 hours in the day and at night it's usually every 3-4 hours, sometimes longer. She's had a couple of cluster feeding days here and there as she is currently going through a huge leap but it's been fine. I express my milk every now and again but not as much as I was last month because it can be so time consuming. I've also recently introduced some baby porridge because at supper time she would cry seeing Noah have his, she was salivating and reaching for the spoon in a frenzy. I couldn't avoid it any longer so usually everyday she will have a little bowl of baby porridge for either supper or breakfast and she absolutely loves it. I'm so excited to start properly weaning her in just a few weeks time. I have a feeling she will be a foodie just like her brother.

She's her usual when it comes to sleep and is not yet sleeping through but this is to be expected with her being breastfed. She does however settle a lot easier at night now. We cuddle up in bed, I play her lullaby music or sing to her and feed her to sleep. I love that time, where everything is quiet and relaxing, a little bit of time just for us. I usually lay with her for half an hour and then pop her into her snuzpod and she usually sleeps until I go to bed a couple of hours later. I think I disturb her when I go to bed or she can sense that I'm there so she usually wants me to feed her again and she will doze off back to sleep. She feeds between 2-3 times during the night but just goes straight back to sleep so it's not bad really. Naps are still very hit and miss but hopefully we can get into some sort of routine once Noah is back at nursery as I'll have more time to try and stick to one and there won't be a three year old waking her up!

Milestones and new tricks
* Rolling Over. Ava can now roll over and is such a whizz at doing it, she's over in a flash and is so proud of herself when she does it.
* Sitting. She's pretty much there with sitting, already! She can sit unaided for minutes at a time and is so steady although I'd never leave her unattended or without a dozen cushions all around her. 

* Crawling. I don't think it will be long until she's crawling. She's already wiggling about and can move about here and there and she tries to shove herself forward. It's like she's hit so many milestones all at the same time!

* She now recognises her name and turns to you when you say it. 
* She face plants into my boobs when she wants feeding, it's hilarious. 
* Always on the go! Although she can't get move herself about she's so determined to move and is always lunging forward and grabbing things.
* Vocal, she is so loud! She's constantly figuring out new sounds and noises and has the most piercing screech.

Likes and dislikes
Ava has so many likes and loves! She loves; Mummy, Daddy and Noah. Other children. She is fascinated with animals and is constantly watching and stroking our cat and her Nan's dogs. She likes; Peppa Pig, singing, songs, cuddles, kisses, books, rolling around, playing with Noah and his toys, cuddle and feeding time, Mummy's bed, her toys, sophie la girafe, trees, watching her brother on the swings, watching her brother do anything, cuddly smiles in the morning, porridge, blowing raspberries, her jumperoo, bath time! She doesn't like being in her car seat or having her clothes changed.


  1. Great reading how Ave is progressing
    Your pictures are so cute ESPECIALLY the cat

  2. Happy 5 months beautiful baby <3 xxx

  3. Awww she's so cute Jenna! So lovely to read about her progress!! ��

  4. Love the daddy's girl outfit

  5. Aww she is just so gorgeous! Violet hates her car seat and getting changed too! Must be an age thing :)

  6. She is absolutely beautiful, she is the same age as my Mollie and they sound so alike, Mollie is the most relaxed baby ever, she's always smiling too, she naps through the day but they are getting a lot shorter, she is also 16lb although I need to weigh her again next week as its been a few weeks and she was 15lb 7 then, she also hates getting dressed, she always has though, I wish I could pause time on mine to, my oldest is 13 in sept, megan was 5 on Monday and Mollie is growing every time I blink xXx

  7. Time passes so quick with little ones they grow up too quickly

  8. love the outfits she is wearing.

  9. Lovely photos. 5 months already !

  10. 5 months already! ..............and she gets cuter every day!

  11. Love the trousers with the love hearts on the knees. Trousers, tights, leggings can be so practical for little ones :- Especially when it comes the crawling stage. Ava is looking good, she seems to have grown up so quickly.

    Rachel Craig

  12. Time does flyby. Ava will be taking great interest in everything going on around her. Nice that she has her brother Noah for company.

    Rachel Craig

  13. Lovely photos, it only feels like my lil boy was born weeks ago, and he's 11 next

  14. Aww she's so cute bless. I blinked and missed mine getting big lol mine are 7, 6 & 3