Project 365 - Week 32/52

6th August - 12th August

6th August 2017

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12th August 2017

We've had such a busy week this week, it's been none stop but it's been great! We've all really enjoyed ourselves and I hope we can have a similar type of week next week too. It's great to have a change from our usual nursery routine so I've really been trying to make the most of Noah's time off.

Sunday was a bit rubbish when it came to the weather so what we could do was a little limited. In the end we decided to go bowling, all four of us. Ava napped the majority of the time which worked out good because we were able to get stuck right into our game and it was lots of fun (even if I did lose!) They also have a mini arcade there too so Noah was in his element playing on the games, 10p and grabber machines.

On Monday my Mum came to visit for the afternoon which is always welcomed, it's lovely to see her and she's also a big help with both kids. It's nice to have her come around and the kids really like seeing her. She had lunch here, a brew and a bit of a natter and then she took Noah in town for an hour or so. In the evening I had my Slimming World weigh in and lost 2.5lb which brings me to my 1 stone loss! Bye bye baby weight! Tuesday we hopped into a taxi and paid a visit to my Mother in Laws because she has all Noah's cousins over the holidays and Noah loves to play with them. 

On Wednesday I decided to take the children over to Blackburn to visit my Mum and Nanna. We had to get another taxi and then a train but it was so straight forward and easy that we plan on doing it again next week. We had such a great day, went to the park, visited some charity shops, bought lunch, played at my Mums and then went to visit my Nanna, who has just turned 87!

On Thursday I took the kids to playgroup which was nice, but it wasn't very busy. Noah didn't mind though because he enjoyed ham sandwiches, carrot sticks and cupcakes. He also loved bouncing on the trampoline and jumping in the ball pit. 
We then had a family trip to the dentist on Friday, exciting! Not! Everything was fine and Noah got a big Spider-Man sticker for being a good boy and letting Mummy and Daddy brush his teeth twice a day. Saturday we visited family but in the morning we started our attic renovation, which is a little scary! Such a hectic but fantastic week!

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. Bowling is something we usually do each Summer although this year we haven't made it but there is still time before school resumes. It sounds like you all had a busy but fun week and I hope your able to do it again this week. As for us I am packing in as much as I can before school starts in 2 weeks.

  2. Enjoying watching tv programmes with dogs and other pets. We also has nice meal out, at garden centre.

    Rachel Craig

  3. My family have gone to weddings and to the games arcade

  4. Looks like Noah enjoyed bowling, we went up to see our children's grand and great grand parents this weekend too, well done on losing a stone, Noah is a brave boy at the dentist, megan loves sitting in the chair as it moves up and down when she goes, Ava is coming along lovely too xXx

  5. 06/08/2017 Bowling can be such fun. I have enjoyed playing on occasions in the past :- Works night out with colleagues. Day out with nephews. Etc. A game which a variety of ages can enjoy. Good that you did not avoid going out due to weather. Getting out can be good for adults and children, exercise, socialising, etc. Children can often view getting out and trying something new as an Adventure (Fun).

    Rachel Craig

  6. 09/08/2017 What a Truly Wonderful photo.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Lovely picture of the little one with her nanna