Christmas Gift Guide - For Children

This week I've been uploading my annual Christmas Gift Guides, the Men's gift guide on Tuesday and my Ladies gift guide on Wednesday. Today it's all about the kids, and I think I had more fun sourcing ideas for this one than all the rest of the gift guides put together. Being a Mummy blogger I can't help but be a little bit of a geek when it comes to children's toys, and to feel just as excited as them when a new toy arrives to review! My Christmas gift guides for children has filled to the brim of fantastic choices for your little ones this Christmas.

Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set - £29.15
My favourite type of toys has got to be learning toys, ones that are so fun that your child doesn't even know it! This is just one of those, a fun and challenging matching game gives children multiple ways to learn and play. With the Alphabet Acorns Activity set, children can match uppercase and lowercase letters as they put the acorns together, plus play hide-and-seek by finding a surprise inside each acorn. The object they find begins with the letter sound on the acorn. Colours correspond to letters, and little learners can even practice making words, learning their ABCs, beginning sounds, and more!

Hape Chef's Choice - £21.49
I'm also a big fan of wooden toys and Hape is a go-to brand when I'm looking for something new. Within the Chef's Choice set from Hape is a collection of tasty wooden food items to inspire your little cook. It includes bread, cheese, vegetables, eggs, cutting board, and a child-safe knife. Wooden toys help stimulate imagination and creativity, as well as encouraging role play. Suitable for children from three years.

Hape Dessert Tower - £24.99
If you have already have the Chef's choice set which I've mentioned above, your little one will be able to make you a savoury lunch and then present you with lots of lovely treat from Hape Dessert Tower for your pudding! It's great for role play and really sparks the imagination, encouraging them to use it with the simplicity of the toy. It includes nine sweet treats and the cake stand. Another wonderful product from one of our favourite brands, Hape.

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys - £9.50
This is a fun game of chance for all the family, perfect for playing at Christmas! There's no hanging about in this fast-paced game called Cheeky Monkeys. Players battle to collect and count the most bananas but watch out for other players trying to steal them, uh oh! Players must make strategic decisions by choosing whether to play it safe after their first turn or spin the spinner to either collect or risk losing more bananas! It's not only a fun game to play but also helps develop hand-eye coordination and number and counting skills and so on.
Fingerlings Monkey - £14.99
Fingerlings are interactive pets that respond to sound, motion & touch and let you know when they like something or not. Right side up or upside-down, they love to monkey-around! You can pet them to sleep or make a loud noise and watch them get giddy and excited! They are so loving, if you blow them kiss, they'll kiss you back! You’ll fall in love with these sweet and sometimes silly critters with their adorable blinking eyes, head turns, soft hair, curly hanging tail, and Happy monkey sounds. Fingerlings baby monkeys are available in a variety of colors including white, black, Pink, purple, blue, and turquoise. We are lucky enough to have a Fingerling and I couldn't recommend one enough, they are awesome!

Peppa Pig Campervan Alphaphonic Board - £21.99
I don't know many kids that don't love Peppa Pig and my kids are no exception. Learn about the alphabet, spelling, phonics & word recognition with the Peppa Alphaphonics Campervan Electronic Toy. There are 8 games including, Try & spell? What's the letter? Find the letter? Copy Me? Alphabet letter keys light up. It features Peppa sounds and songs and they keys light up.

Disney Guess The Film Game - £24.99
Here's one for the Disney fans! It’s time to put your families Disney knowledge to the test with the Disney Guess The Film Game! Take turns rolling the dice and open the window with the corresponding colour to the die. Each coloured window reveals part of an image from an iconic Disney film, and it’s down to you to guess which film the image is from. If you guess correctly, you win a Mickey token! the first player to earn four Mickey tokens wins the game!

Woofy Whoops - £19.99
Woofy Whoops Game is a game that is guaranteed to have you and your family in stitches laughing this Christmas. Take turns to spin Woofy and whoever he lands on has to pat him according to how many times he barks. Pat him once, twice, three times, but if you’re unlucky enough to have the last pat, Woofy won’t be able to hold in his wee and the player will get sprayed with water! The best bit is that the app records the laugh out loud moment in slow motion, so you can watch back the moment you get ‘peed’ on, and share with family and friends.
Toddlebike2 - £23.95
The Toddlebike2 is a great gift for toddlers who are showing an interest in ride on's. It offers the same in-line wheel configuration which sets it apart from the traditional 'trike' or the next step of balance bike or pedals allowing Toddlers to transition easily from Toddlebike to balance bike and on to pedals seamlessly.Being compact and super lightweight means that it is easy to carry or hang from a buggy when not in use. Its convenience means that it's soon become second nature to use your Toddlebike for almost any journey building in healthy routines from the earliest possible stage.

Super Wings World Airport - £39.99
This is a large scale playset based on the Airport on the Super Wings TV show and promises to deliver hours of fun, with electronic sounds and lights plus lots of activities for kids to recreate their favourite Super Wings scenes and missions. Also included are mini-transforming characters Jett and Donnie that can attach and spin to circle the World Airport before coming into land. Load them into the elevator and lift them up to the control tower, then launch them down the ramp. Flip open the base compartments to reveal a rotating luggage carousel and a cargo scale.

Cars Piston Cup Race Game - £25.00
Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm go head-to-head in the Disney Cars 3 Piston Cup Race Game. Rev your engines ready for the thrilling race! When the light goes green it's time to start pumping the electronic gas pedal to accelerate your car forward along the track. Be careful when the red light shows you should break, if you hit the gas pump on a red light you must move your car backward. Challenge your friends and family to a racing duel and the first to reach the end of the track is named the winner and claims the Piston Cup trophy.

Tumball Game - £19.99
Tumball is a skilled game that requires super calm nerves and a very steady hand. Those who play must try and balance their white beads on top of a cluster of coloured balls that are hanging in mid-air. The winner is the player that balances the most beads before the cluster breaks and the balls TUMBALL!
LOL Surprise Doll - £10.00
The world has gone surprise egg crazy and it's no wonder, they are so much fun! With the L.O.L Surprise Doll you get seven layers to unwrap! Inside there is a secret message sticker, a collectible sticker sheet, a water bottle charm, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory, and a L.O.L. Surprise! doll with water surprise. Feed your doll with the water bottle to find out if she cries, spits, tinkles. Or bathe her in cold water to see if colour changes! The LOL doll is the best layer of surprise! Dress her in all of the accessories you've revealed.

Snow Queen Lottie Doll - £18.99
There are so many different Lottie dolls to choose from but Snow Queen Lottie had to make it onto my Christmas gift guide. Inspired by one of her favourite stories, Lottie decides to dress as a Snow Queen when she was in. All dressed up in a silver, sparkly mask and a magnificent ice blue and frosty white gown studded with silver snowflakes, she's read for the Masked Ball. 

Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twins - £9.00
We absolutely adore Sylvanian Families, I think they've made it onto my gift guide every year now. Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twins are a great addition to your Sylvanian Families Collection. The twin babies are cute as can be! Perfect for a child who already has a Sylvanian Family collection or for someone who is just starting out. A perfect little stocking filler for Christmas.

Sylvanian Families Squirrel Baby - £7.00
Another great addition to a Sylvanian Family collection is the Squirrel on Car Baby Carry Case. Complete with bright yellow togs, this little fella, spends his days exploring Sylvania one garden at a time. This set comes with a lovely carry case complete with handle, perfect if you want to transport your little Sylvanian, or perhaps just keep them safe.

Organix Christmas Selection Box - £2.99
If you want to gift a selection box with a difference this year and avoid the chocolate then the Organix Christmas Selection Box is a great alternative. It's filled with their top-selling snacks such as; mini gingerbread men, strawberry and apple gummies, raspberry and apple soft oaty bars, apple ad orange soft oaty bars, and the alphabet biscuits.

My Golden Ticket Book - £19.99
This is a personalised adventure from the amazing Wonderbly, themed on the wonderful world of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. This isn’t just a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a child’s name popped randomly inside, that's not what Wonderbly is about. Every name gets a different story, including their own unique candy, Oompa Loompa song and Wonkafied family tree. No two adventures are the same, which makes it one amazing gift for Christmas.

Marvel Captain America Illumi-mate - £6.00
This Captain America night light makes a fabulous little stocking filler for all superhero fans. It's lightweight and portable which means it can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Its soft glow is bound to keep your little one calm and cosy and the bright character design adds a pop of colour to their room.

Num Noms Connie Confetti Illumi-mate - £8.99
Num Noms have taken the UK by storm lately so it's a delight to see this Connie Confetti Illumi-Mate Colour Changing Light. This colour changing LED light is perfect for bedside tables or for kids to take on holidays, camping or sleepovers. 
Bertie Bear and Personalised Christmas Stocking - £50.00
This handmade Christmas stocking set is made from luxurious velvet fabric and the outstanding quality will be enjoyed year after year. The beautiful embroidery of a name of your choice makes this a truly special gift, especially with the matching teddy bear.

I'll Love You For Ever - £10.99
I’ll Love You For Ever is the perfect picture book for both mums and dads to share with their little ones during the festive period. Travel through the seasons with Polar Bear and Cub as they discover the world and the wonders it brings. Although snow melts and leaves turn golden, a parent’s love will never change. A beautiful, picture book celebration of the eternal bond between a parent and their child. Filled with heartwarming illustrations from Sean Julian bring Owen Hart’s gentle, reassuring rhyming story to life.

One Cosy Christmas - £11.99
Little Hedgehog can’t wait to spend Christmas with his friends. But who’s eaten all the biscuits? Who’s that snoring at night? And why is Little Hedgehog’s hat missing? Is Christmas ruined, or can the friends make it perfect after all? One Cosy Christmas is a fabulously festive addition to the best-selling Little Hedgehog series with beautiful illustrations from Tina Macnaughton and soft fuzzy textures throughout, this is the perfect gift for Little Hedgehog fans this Christmas!
Haribo Selection Box- £3.87
This brand new Haribo Selection Box is the ideal gift for those that enjoy a tasty treat that includes their favourite gums and jellies. A stocking filler with a difference, and the ideal size for under the tree, this Christmas morning surprise includes eight mini bags of Haribo favourites including Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix, Goldbears and Happy Cola.

Haribo Starmix Tree Decoration - £1.00If you want an alternative to the traditional bauble to hang on your tree this year, look no further than this temptingly delicious decoration from Haribo. Inside you’ll find a 50g pack of Starmix to enjoy in the countdown to Christmas, a perfectly tasty treat to add to the festivities.

Haribo Giant Trees - £1.29Giant Strawbs have had a festive makeover! These tasty treats, which are suitable for vegetarians, now appear in the shape of a Christmas tree. Available in a 70g bag for you to enjoy on your own during the party season.

As mentioned in my previous gift guides, there's a lot of variety in my gift guides this year, for all budgets. Make sure to keep a lookout on the blog this week, as I'll be publishing further gift guides and keep an eye on my competition page as I'll be giving away quite a few items which I've included.

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  1. Those Sylvanian Families are so cute!!! Can't wait for Lily to get into them :)

  2. My children would love these,Megan loves the lol surprise dolls, she would love a fingerling too, and the guess the Disney movie game,they would all love the sweets too xXx

  3. Fingerling is deffo on the top of our list!

  4. Cheeky Monkeys seems like a great game.

    Rachel Craig

  5. We're hoping for the fingerling this year

  6. Disney Guess the film game, sounds like fun. I loved being taken to Disney films as a child, by my brother. Then as an adult I'd take the children to the cinema to see Disney films. Great fun and entertainment. The family would enjoy this game, the children could play the game together, or choose to allow some of us adults to join in. As there are generations of us that love Disney films.

    Rachel Craig

  7. I used to LOVE the fake fruit and veg when I was little... I'll be gutted if my kids don't!