The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Collection - #PowerRangers12DaysXmas

A few weeks ago I had a very exciting email land in my inbox. We were asked if we were fans of the Power Rangers and if we were, to then apply to be part of a huge Power Rangers blog project. I signed up right away as it sounded like the dream opportunity for Noah. I applied thinking I didn't stand a chance with only 5 places available but we made it onto the list! I think I screamed when I got the email confirming that they'd love to have us on board and I couldn't wait to tell Noah all about it! 

So, a little background on the Power Rangers 12 Days of Christmas project. We were sent 12 numbered Power Ranger parcels, each containing a toy from the Power Rangers Ninja Steel range. Some toys were hidden away in hessian sacks, some wrapped in tissue paper. We were asked to open one gift every day and to share our posts daily on social media, which of course we did! 

It was an absolute joy to be able to surprise Noah with a new Power Rangers gift to open up each day and as you can see by the collection of photo's above, he was totally in his element! By the end of the Power Rangers 12 Days of Xmas he was a pro at sitting there and letting me take a photo of him before he opened each gift! 

So, without further ado, let me show you what was in inside! 

Day 1: 12.5cm Action Figures
- £9.99
We started the project off with a bang with a collection of Power Rangers Ninja Steel action figures. Standing at 12.5cm they are the perfect size for battle and are fully articulated. They are so detailed, just like in the TV show and each come with their own unique battle gear item. These figures can also pilot the DX Megazord (which of course is sold separately) into battle from a cockpit in the Megazord's chest! 

Day 2: 30cm Power Rangers Ninja Steel Action Figure - £12.99 
Bigger and better than ever on a 12” Figure scale, these figures are ready to go into battle! Noah loved the fact that he was sent Red Ranger, who is his favourite! 

Day 3: Mega Morph Vehicle
- £16.99
Speed to the scene with the brand new Power Rangers Mega Morph Vehicles. Each vehicle turns into a legendary Ninja Star that can instantly morph back into a powerful vehicle for endless fun and adventure. In each pack comes an exclusive articulated 5-inch Power Ranger Figure. 

Day 4: Ninja Blaster - £17.99
The Ninja Steel Ninja Blaster can launch Ninja Stars for ultimate battle action, defeating all villains in your path. The Ninja Blaster includes 3 Ninja Stars, which can launched with the blaster and they can also unlock features in other Power Ranger Ninja Steel items. Collect them all to find your power!

Day 5: Sword Star Shooter - £17.99 
The Sword Star Shooter is hidden from sight beneath your palm which means you can catch villains of guard with a sneak attack. Included with the shooter is 2 Ninja Stars, which you can fire and you can use them to unlock features in other Power Ranger Ninja Steel items.

Day 6: DX Rockstorm Guitar Blaster
- £29.99 
The DX Rockstorm Guitar is a 3-in-1 blaster, sword, and guitar which plays extreme battle and guitar sounds too! Not only that but you can also fire ninja darts with the epic pump blaster. A long with the two darts is  1 exclusive Ninja Star that can be attached to the hilt, just like Gold Ranger in the TV show! The included Ninja Star can combine and unlock features in other Power Ranger Ninja Steel items, including the DX Morpher and Battle Gear. Coolest toy ever!

Day 7: DX Ninja Blade - £29.99
The DX Ninja Star Blade features a blade that extends to 24 inches long and like previous toys from the range, makes extreme battle sounds but this one has light effects too! The Blade comes with 1 Ninja Star that can be attached to the hilt and spun. Ninja Star's can combine and unlock features in other Power Ranger Ninja Steel items, including the DX Morpher and Battle Gear. 

Day 8: DX Ninja Battle Morpher - £34.99
Unleash the power of the Ninja Stars with the Power Rangers DX Ninja Battle Morpher! This Morpher has hidden weapons for three different modes. Choose from sword, claw and morpher mode, It’s three awesome battle gear items in one! There are two Ninja Stars included which can connect to the Morpher to activate unique sound effects. You can collect numerous different Ninja Stars throughout the Power Rangers Ninja Steel range and they are all cross compatible! Collect them all to unlock every feature and find your power! 

Day 9: DX Gold Ninja Battle Morpher - £34.99
This Morpher has hidden weapons for two unique modes; blaster and morpher mode! The DX Gold Ninja Battle Morpher comes with 2 Ninja Stars which you can connect to your Morpher to create epic battle noises! Additional Ninja Stars are included in the other Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys! Collect them all to unlock every feature and find your Ninja Steel power! 

Day 10: DX Ninja Megazord - £42.99
The mighty Power Rangers Ninja Steel Megazords combines the power of 5 Zords to create one epic Megazord, just like on the TV show! It can morph into multiple modes and any 5" Power Ranger figure can sit inside in the control pit! The Megazord includes a Megazord weapon, a figure and the 5 Zords too!

Day 11: Ninja Master Blade - £44.99
A sword and chainsaw in one, pull the chain for triple blade spin action and epic chainsaw sound effects. This set includes one Ninja Star, which are included in many items across the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line and are cross-compatible with the other Ninja Steel Role Play toys.

Day 12: Lion Fire Fortress - £119.99
Introducing the biggest and most epic Megazord playset of all time, the Lion Fire Fortress Megazord! It features over 20 battle features and accessories and is 3 epic Megazords in 1. Roll into battle in Fortress mode and fire missiles at the baddies, then lock up them up in the stockade at the back of the Megazord. Then morph into the 50cm tall Megazord and activate awesome battle sounds and noises! Last but not least, combine with the Deluxe Ninja Megazord with any of the 12.5cm Action Figure to activate Lion Fire Ninja Ultrazord mode. Then it's time to fire the twin blasting bazookas! 

There are countless things we love about the Power Rangers Ninja Steel collection and Noah and I could sit here and write about everything until the cows come home. As a parent, what stands out for me is that there's something for every budget and everything is fairly priced. So if your little one has a couple of items on their Christmas list this year you know you'll be okay!

Noah is big on his figures so opening day 1 and discovering the articulated Power Rangers was a highlight for him, he's played with them everyday. He also loves the Guitar Blaster and Ninja Blade. He's also really enjoyed collecting the Ninja Stars which are included with the 
Ninja Steel Role Play toys. He thinks it's amazing that they are all interchangeable and can be used on different weapons within the range. I also think it's pretty cool and it adds a different dimension to these toys. He's actually asked for more Ninja Stars for Christmas.

Next year marks the Power Rangers 25th anniversary so it's fantastic to see this amazing range of toys released just before their big celebration! What better way to celebrate? The Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys are available from all good toy shops and there really is something for every budget.

Which Power Ranger Ninja Steel toy is your favourite?

- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own. 


  1. They look like fantastic toys, Noah has certainly enjoyed testing them from what I've seen on your Facebook posts, I bet he thought Christmas had come early xx

  2. Large range of products. Christmas time does seem to be when a number of manufacturers bring out new range of products. So much choice for the children.

    Rachel Craig

  3. 30cm Power Ranger figure.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I didn't realise there were so many Power Rangers toys out there!! I am a figure lover myself so my favourite was the figures in day 1 :)

  5. Noah I would expect was delighted to see this range of toys.

    Rachel Craig