All About My Year - 2017

I know I say it every year but I honestly cannot believe how fast the year has gone, 2017 seemed to vanish in the blink of an eye! So much has happened in 2017 that when Cassie from Lily's Little Learners tagged on this post I knew I had to take part as it would be great to look back at at a future date!

1. What did you do for your birthday?
I spent my 29th birthday in a family members villa in Marbella, it was heaven! Ava was only 12 weeks old at the time and I did wonder how we'd manage taking a three year old and such a young baby abroad for a week but I didn't need to worry, it was great. I remember sipping on sangria by our private pool, music on loud without a care in the world. The best way to spend a birthday I think! In the sun, surrounded by family with a tipple in your hand.

2. Whats the biggest thing to happen to you?
The birth of Ava, no doubt about that! The labour was quite hellish, so much so I've not actually got round to writing my birth story yet, but she was worth every moment of pain, just like all babies are. I still can't get my head around the fact that she's now almost 10 months old, it doesn't feel two seconds ago that I was pregnant with her, feeling her wriggle around inside my belly.

3. What was the biggest thing to happen for your child/children?
Ava, being born of course and she seems to be meeting all her milestones very quickly, without even batting an eyelid! For Noah there's been a couple of big things. Firstly, becoming a big brother! I never had any doubt that he'd be anything other than an amazing brother but he's been perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything more. It must have been difficult for him in those first couple of weeks, adjusting to having a baby around that takes up so much of his Mummy's attention. Now that she's older she's always rummaging through his toys or trying to climb all over him and he has the patience of a saint, he loves her so much and is so protective of her. He also turned four in November, which again I can't get my head around. How is he four?! He now goes to nursery four full days a week and although he'd rather be home with us he loves it and has so many friends.

4. Could you pick a favourite week of 2017?
I don't think I can! Can I pick four? It has to be the week that Ava was born, our week away to Spain, our week at Butlins and this past week, Christmas week! I could pick more, all have been favourites for different reasons, but one thing they all have in common is that they are all weeks which Nick has been off work, when we've all been together.

5. Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself from 2017?
There's quite a few pictures of the kids and I which I like so I struggled to pick just one. The one above is a favourite, taken on holiday back in May. It was Ava's first dip in the pool, though we only dipped her feet. She was too young and the pool was too cool for her to enjoy.
6. What was your best day out?
One that springs to mind is one of our trips to Bowland Wild Boar Park. We've visited countless times but whenever we go we always have such a great time. One day in particular was perfect, it was sunny and both kids were in such great moods. We walked for miles, admired the scenery, had ice cream, visited the animals, fed them, went to the park, watched the animal shows, rode on tractors. It was wonderful and we can't wait to go back once the weather starts warming back up again.

7. What is the best film you've seen?
I could recommend a few but the one which springs to mind first has got to be Get Out. It's such a unique movie! A thriller which had me gripped from start to finish, it has one epic twist too! Watch it now!

8. Is there anything you wish didn't happen?
Not really. I mean I wish our car hadn't been broken in to or that our boiler hadn't broke and cost us a couple of hundred quid but that's life! You've got to roll with it.

9. What would you like to achieve or improve for 2018?
I'd like to lose the rest of the baby weight (I've lost two stone since Ava was born) and I'd like to be more active. I'd like to make more time for Nick and I as a couple, our relationship is still as strong as ever (it's coming up to our ten year anniversary) but we didn't have one single date night last year so that's something we need to change. I'd like to finish more work on the house, including the attic renovation. I'd also like to earn more from the blog and prioritise my work more too. Lots of goals to tick off the list. 

10. How will you be celebrating/did you celebrate New Years Eve?
Nick and I stayed in with the kids, not much you can do with such a young baby but there was nowhere I'd rather be. Once the kids were tucked up in bed we had a tipple, watched a movie and tucked into a big bowl of ice cream!

What a great year it's been, I'm sad to see it go but welcome 2018 with open arms. I tag Nicola from A Life Through My Eyes and Tammy from Us Two Plus You to see if they'd like to take part too!


  1. That villa in Spain looks amazing!!!

  2. Good blog page. I think it is nice to review your year, and look forward to the next :- Considering what you would like to do in 2018, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. What a lovely way to finish your blog for 2017! It's been lovely reading about your family, seeing precious photos, making memories and great plans for 2018! happy new year! X

  4. How lovely to share, great pictures and good advice on the film too. I love it x Happy New Year

  5. You look like you've had a great year :)

  6. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful year! Hope you have a great 2018 too :) x

  7. Have you considered / planned any :- Holidays, Short Breaks, Day Trips, Outings, etc for this year as yet? Children do tend to enjoy adventures, and you may find yourselves fitting in to the routinue of Nursery for Noah, etc. Happy New Year!

    Rachel Craig

  8. A great year Jen, I wish I could spend my 29th birthday in April somewhere hot and sunny, like you my happiest time this year was giving birth to Mollie, we also spent new years eve at home with our children, it was my fiancé's 42nd birthday too on new years eve, we never go out for it but wouldn't have it any other way xxx

  9. Have you considered date nights yet for yourself and Nick. We recently attended our favourite restaurant which is Italian. A delicious meal which we thoroughly enjoyed. There was a large table of people there Celebrating a ladies 80th Birthday. Nice to see the group, and delight in their Celebration. Restaurant owner present, greeted us :- Very pleasant and cheery as per usual. They vary menu regularly, and have special offers on occasions. We were given information to take away with us :- About next Special offer Deal.

    Rachel Craig

  10. Any plans / thoughts on Celebratiny Nick and your Tenth Anniversary? Best Wishes!

    Rachel Craig