Ava - 11 Months Old

Ava is now 11 months old and I'm struggling to comprehend that in just a matter of days she will be one year old! It's crazy and makes me feel so emotional! I've already started prepping for all the things I want to do before her big day and for her birthday party too! Where has the time gone?

Let me tell you, those milestone card photo's have gotten more and more difficult to take as the months have gone by! Now she's either playing peekaboo behind it, throwing it to the other side of the room or she's gnawing on it. We recently got a carpet in our living room where we take the photo every month so I made sure to keep a patch of the old carpet so then the photo's will be exactly the same! It would have looked so strange if the last two milestone cards were taken on black carpet! Yes, I'm crazy!

She has the most endearing little personality, she's so lovely. There's nothing she likes more than being with her family and smothering us with lots of kisses and cuddles (and the occasional cheeky smack to the chops!) She's affectionate, inquisitive, comical, excitable, independent and cheeky. She also feisty when she wants to be and will tell you off if she isn't happy! I love watching her character develop every month, she is a total mini me. God help us!


I've not had her weighed this month but I'm guessing she is around the 22lb mark. She is quite tall and now that she's more mobile she is slimming down a little, which I'm sad about. I love her plump, there's nothing better than a chunky baby! She still has the sweetest little hamster cheeks though, I hope they stick around a while longer. She wears 9-12m in pretty much everything now and they all have plenty of space. We recently had her feet measured and she was a 3G.


She's not been so well this month. She's had a cold which seems to have lasted forever. She's not unwell in herself but has a cough which is on and off and a constant runny nose. She's also cutting her 7th and 8th tooth which I think have been bothering her, the others didn't seem to do. They've given her a temperature and she's quite touchy and off her food a little.


We still breastfeed and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. With her being unwell and teething she has been feeding more than usual but I'm glad I'm able to offer that comfort to her. She also drinks a cup of water a day, she's not just drinking milk. She loves to eat but with her being unwell I've noticed she hasn't had her usual appetite. Her favourite foods are; pasta, carrots, baby corn, sweet potato, scrambled eggs, ham, chicken, cheese, tomato, yogurts, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, banana, cereal. She enjoyed her first ever nutella pancake on pancake day, yum!

Her sleep was terrible last month as she was going through sleep regression and a leap at the same time but this month it's picked back up again. She's still not sleeping through but she's started to settle easier at night and she is waking less. When she does wake she quickly goes back to sleep with a feed or with a cuddle. She's very hit and miss when it comes to sleeping in her cot, she of course prefers to be cuddled up to me. I don't mind this. We sleep safely and although I don't get much sleep when she's tucked up beside me, they aren't babies for long so I'm soaking it up. When it comes to naps she prefers to sleep in her pram in the kitchen. She'll nap in her pram for a good hour, sometimes two. If I put her in her cot upstairs she will only have 20/40 minutes. I think it's because our bedroom is at the front of the house so it's quite noisy around the time she naps.

Milestones and new tricks
* We have a walker! She's not 100% confident yet but she can walk from one piece of furniture to the next without holding onto anything. She can also take around 10 steps before dropping to her bottom. She's very steady when standing up and can balance for long periods of time. She never stops and she even tries to climb!
* She's not saying any new words this month but she can say; mama, dada, daddy, hiya, aww, cat, ta.
* She very independent and likes to try to do things herself, like putting on a hat or attempting to put socks on. She also tries to brush her hair and is getting quite good at feeding herself with a spoon.
* She copies everything that Noah does and follows him everywhere. Whenever he's playing with his toys she will sit or lay beside him (depending on if he's sitting or laying down) and joins in. It's so cute watching an 11 month old baby trying to play fight with superhero figures, she makes little sound effects!
* She has a snug seat from Mamas and Papas which is a lot like a bumbo. She can take off the tray and climb right out of it! She's a little Houdini.

* She nods her head for yes and shakes her head for no.
* Daddy has taught her how to head bang!

Likes and dislikes
Mummy mummy mummy! She would be clung to be 24/7 if she had the chance, I love it! She loves it when Daddy comes home from work and she see's him walk through the door. Playing with Noah and being smothered in big brother cuddles first thing in the morning. Kisses, cuddles, clapping, dancing and singing. She loves to read books, especially touchy feely ones. Mummy's make up bag and the hair brush. Being on the move. Rummaging through things she shouldn't be! Being mischievous! Playing with Noah's toys and the Baby Secrets dolls. CATS! Guitars and rock music. Wooden blocks and balls. Going for walks in the pram and swinging on the swings at the park. Looking for trees and birds. Walking! Putting toys onto tables. Exploring the house. Nursery rhymes on YouTube. Playing with the Xbox remote and headset. She doesn't like having her teeth brushed, sleeping alone or men with beards!


  1. Ava seems to be progressing and developing well. Nice that all the family are enjoying her company. Hope you all have a nice time Celebrating her First Birthday!

    Rachel Craig

  2. She is absolutely beautiful, her development and milestones are amazing, Mollie will be one on the 5th, I'm struggling with what to get her with it so close after Christmas and family have all bought her clothes, so I'll have to get her more toys, your not crazy with the carpet background I have little things like this that annoy me too,I blame it on baby brain lol xxx

  3. Getting big. Won't be long till she's 1

  4. Pram looks like. a Silver Cross one that I saw locally recently.

    Rachel Craig

  5. She is a lovely little girl and doing well congrats ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  6. Ava looks delighted with her pancake.

    Rachel Craig

  7. She is so adorable!

  8. She is growing up fast love all the beautiful pictures

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