Combatting Exhaustion - Here's How To Do It

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Tired. We all feel it and we all feel it in different ways. Whether you are getting exhausted from staring at a screen all day or you're tired out from your kids, you need to figure out what you can do to combat this exhaustion as much as possible. Getting fatigued is extremely common, but the unwritten rule is that we don't talk about getting too tired. You're supposed to wear it like a horrible badge of honor, and yet you don't have to be as tired as you currently are. So, with this in mind, we've got a few suggestions for combating exhaustion. You can stop rubbing your eyes so hard for a change! Let's dive in.

Keep Eating.
You may have been conditioned to eat three big meals a day, but really you don't have to. You can 
eat smaller, more filling meals throughout the day and keep your energy levels up this way. Food gives us all the energy we need, and it contains all of the nutrients that our bodies need to remain awake and moving throughout the day. Frequent eating - for some - leads to weight gain, which is something to avoid. However, if you have a distinct lack of food throughout the day, your energy levels will dip. So, focus on keeping up with meals of fruit, veggies, and protein, and don't fill up on processed sugars. You could also look into supplements, such as Energy Renew, to help you maintain good energy levels so that you can go about your days as normal.

Prevention. Exhaustion often is a result of overwork and undersleeping. Your eyes will feel dry and scratchy throughout the day as a result, but if you have Viscotears for dry eyes on hand, you can prevent this from happening. Eyes getting too tired can interrupt your day, and you can prevent that from happening with the feelings of fatigue far easier to combat - especially at work. Preventing your feelings of exhaustion with eye drops, cool wipes on the skin, and a moment to breathe away from your computer. Keep Moving. You may think you're too tired to manage some exercise, but even something as simple as a walk will make a huge difference to your exhaustion levels. The body shouldn't stay still for too long, so if you feel yourself dragging, it's time to get up and stretch, jog on the spot or have a walk around the block. When you try to do any physical activity next time, you will get too tired if you do too much after a period of sitting for too long. So, make sure that you keep moving at least once an hour. Lower Your Weight. If you are currently heavier than you are comfortable with, then you need to think about losing some of the weight. your body is under a lot of strain when it's carrying extra weight, and it's one of the biggest reasons you are feeling fatigued if you are overweight. When the body carries all of that around, it's exhausting for your limbs and your organs. Your heart, especially, feels the extra burden and cannot beat as effectively.

Sleep. Every single night, you should be getting at least six hours of sleep. Even if you have children and you have to wake up through the night, you need to consider trying your best to keep your sleeping routine up as much as possible. Ideally, you need at least eight hours, so if it's a possibility, sleep isn't something that you should be compromising on. Life is exhausting, and you should do all that you can to make it easier on yourself.
Avoid Stress. In a world where you are trying to balance work, social life, parenting, and more, stress comes with the territory and you need to try to minimize it as much as possible. Try your best to avoid situations that leave you feeling burnt out and stressed, and you will be able to feel more alive rather than exhausted all the time. Your brain needs to be able to shut off from time to time, and reducing your stress is important to enabling that to happen. Ditch The Coffee. Your coffee habit could be causing your exhaustion and if you are drinking too much of it you should cut it right back. You get the caffeine high, but the drop is just as exhausting as anything else. You need to relax sometimes but if caffeine is firing your body up, you're going to find that you are easily fatigued as a result. Working overtime is not easy and you shouldn't have to do it any more than is necessary.

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