Birmingham & Beyond – 5 Pre-Flight Tips For Travelling With Children

Post written by Robbie Handy

The weeks leading up to a holiday can be stressful, and even more so when you’re traveling with children. But fear not – here are five fab tips which will keep your kids entertained in the run-up to your flight from Birmingham (BHX) Airport.

1. Get creative

Most children love going on holiday, but all that enthusiasm and excitement beforehand can be hard to handle – a creative holiday project is the way forward. Task your children with creating a poster or booklet with information about their holiday destination and it’ll keep them occupied and entertained. Plus, they’ll be learning new and interesting things.

2. Express yourself

Children are not the most patient of beings, so if you want to avoid moaning and tantrums, consider paying for the express lane service. It’s free for under 5’s and will enable you to pass through security swiftly, giving you more time to explore all that BHX Airport has to offer. You can book for the express lane when you arrive at the airport or, for a better deal, pre-book on the official airport website.

3. Fly through the Sky Zone

No child’s time at BHX Airport is complete without visiting Sky Zone, an augmented reality experience which your children can join in by downloading the Zappar app. Sky Zone also features an interactive play area where your kids can channel their excited energy. They can also check out the awesome Sky Zone Online website, which features great videos that give an insight into the workings of the airport. Sky Zone is located in the departure lounge by Gate 55 and there’s a Costa Coffee beside it, so you can grab a cappuccino and chill as you watch your children play.

4. Get kids engaged

Children like to be involved in decision-making, so be sure to let your kids have some say in the holiday plans. Start by letting them choose an activity for one of your day’s abroad –they’ll enjoy having some input and be extra excited about their chosen activity. And why stop there? You can involve them with other aspects of the itinerary and their contributions might be brilliant – there’s no mind quite as creative as a child’s.

5. Drive to the airport

The last thing you want is to have to squeeze yourself, your kids and your luggage onto a crowded train, so drive to the airport. Your children will feel more at ease in your comfy car with their favourite music to entertain them. But remember that you’ll need to stow your vehicle safely – find affordable Birmingham Airport parking at

And once you arrive at Birmingham you can head to the aircraft viewing area in car park 5 – it’s free and open 24/7. Your kids will be love watching the planes arriving and taking off, and any pre-flight jitters they might have will disappear.

Follow these tips and you’ll find your children are a lot easier to handle on your next visit to BHX.

What are your top pre-flight tips? Share in the comments section.

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  1. i am yet to go on a flight with my daughter but im hoping she will love it i hate flying