How To Take Control Of Life's Misfortunes

Life isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean you should quit trying to make the best of whatever it is you’re going through at the time. Make it a goal to take control of life’s misfortunes and notice how much happier and healthier you feel overall.

Worry and stress can take a toll your emotional, physically and mental wellbeing so you always want to make sure you keep it in check, even when you’re going through tough times. Spend less time complaining and more of your days better understanding what’s in your control and what you can change to improve your situation.

Seek Advice
You’re not the only one who’s ever been through a rough time and had to face reality head-on. Reach out and ask others for advice and support when you’re experiencing down days or moments in your life. Take control of your misfortunes by learning what others have done to get past their difficult circumstances in the past. You don’t have to go through what you’re experiencing all alone and pretend like all is okay when it truly isn’t. Allow others in and be vulnerable when you’re not in a good place and you’ll likely thrive.

Problem Solve
You never know when you may run into a situation where you lose your home, belongings and data due to a catastrophe such as flooding. Know that as a flood victim you can take advantage of companies that provide services to retrieve your data safely and securely. This is a great example of how you can problem solve your way through adversity, instead of sitting around sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. Think like this and you’ll always quickly be able to get yourself feeling better fast when confronted with unfortunate conditions.

See the Bright Side
Your mindset plays a major role in how well you’re able to take control of life’s misfortunes. Work hard to see the bright side of what’s going on and make a list of all the good that could possibly come from it. Being negative and pessimistic will only cause you to stay down for a longer period of time. Get back on your feet fast by using a positive mindset and attitude that keeps you hopeful and forward-thinking.

Don’t Give up
Tell yourself that giving up isn’t an option when you’re faced with life’s misfortunes. Doing so will only set you back longer and make you feel sad and upset in the long-term. Continue to work hard and seek solutions to your issues and you won’t even think twice about giving up on yourself. You may find that you’re even happier or more satisfied in general once you get through your trying times.

Life may not always as easy and smooth sailing as you’d prefer. Improve your outlook and take proper action to help you gain back control when faced with life’s misfortunes. Stay encouraged that you’ll have better days ahead if you can continue to hang on and remain strong.

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  1. Never give up - applies to everything im life

  2. So true, there is always help available, giving up is the easy option xxx

  3. Coping strategies.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Positive Coping Strategies. Seems sensible / practical / logical to make use of positive / effective / healthy coping strategies. Just how available, accessible these are to individuals, groups., etc may vary. E.G. How informed are we in regards to Consumers Rights? Who ha access to information / advice, support, etc regarding this aspect when the need arises. Yet Economic Downturn:- For many finances are limited- very limited. A time when we are in need of good quality goods and services. Yet may well be a time when crime and scams, etc are frequent occurrences. Individuals / Customers / Consumers at increased Risk. Where and When is assistance available? What about protection of the public ( Crime Prevention, etc). Little or no protection, information, advice, support, etc can lead to :- Harm to finances, Health, Wealth, Welfare, Health and Wellbeing which can impact on individual/s, groups, families, communities, society. Poverty of Finances, Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, Spirit , Information ( when needed), Advice, Support, Education, Social Support, Social contact, etc can be detrimental.

    Acts of Kindness, Care, Compassion, Empathy, Sharing, good Morals, good Manners, etc may go some way in supporting individuals, communities, society. Seems Customers / Comsumers need to be dealt with Respect. Which I believe was more so in previous years :- Loyalty and Trust tended to be built up over time and experience between customers and Business owners :- Face to Face contact, accessible. Family Businesses which had lasted generations.

    Lots of Businesses seem to have failed and gone. Why? What does the future hold for individuals, consumers, employees ( presently unemployment, zero hours contracts, etc). Businesses ( presently some well known Businesses failing and going. Some Business owners Billionaires whilst their employees on zero hours contracts. Some Businesses closing, employees pensions gone or reduced whilst Business owner living Luxurious Lifestyle:- Why? ). Rich - Poor gap widened.

    If poor becoming poorer, then how do they / we exist. What is available? How do poor cope? Seems everyone needs Opportunities in order to have chance of Reaching Potential. Where are the Opportunities? Who are they available to? How can an individual access Opportunities? What are the Opportunities?When are Opportunities available?

    Customers, Consumers need Opportunities to access up to date, accurate information, advice, support, etc in order that they /we can access good quality goods and services. A positive / healthy coping strategy.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Very true

  6. this is a great sentiment i try to be positive in every situation

  7. great tips i try be positive in every situation