10 Ways To Make Moving Home Easier

Before we bought our first home we had lived in not one, but three rental properties. With moving house four times in ten years you could say that we are quite used to packing up our belongings and moving but it doesn't make the task any less stressful, especially with children. With this in mind, I've teamed up with fellow bloggers to put together a post featuring some of our top tips on how to make the process easier and less stressful. I'll start by sharing one of my own tips.

1. Hire help, hire cleaners to do the dirty work and movers to do the heavy work. By hiring transportation services like the moving company Toronto, you'll make the move so much easier. Find a local company by using the internet or ask friends for any recommendations.

2. Before you do anything read; "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Mari Kondo! Then start packing in her suggested order, getting rid of anything that doesn't "spark joy". I thought it all sounded a bit ridiculous until I "got it" and then I was totally hooked. It will make packing so much easier, and you will be very excited about unpacking too! - Eileen.

3. Start sorting and rehoming as soon as the house goes on the market, in fact before you even put it on the market! It will help stage your house while you are selling and streamline the packing afterwards. And if your house does not sell or you change your mind, it will be a lot better place to live in afterwards! - Nikki.

4. Find out upfront what your sellers are leaving, things like curtain rods and light fittings can save a small fortune initially. Also, see what your buyer might be interested in too. When we moved last time, we sold them our kitchen table as it fit well there but was too small for our new place. Offer to leave shelves and fittings too if you don't need them. It saves taking stuff down. - Emma.

5. Get the kids involved as much as possible. It can be a huge shock to their system, especially if you’re moving away from their school or friends. Getting them involved in packing and maybe labelling boxes or deciding where things will go, can help them feel in control. - Jennifer.

6. My top tip is to get a babysitter. We moved house with 2 children and it was such a challenge with them running around everywhere, it made it difficult both packing and unpacking the other side as well as the actual moving! - Hayley.

7. I always go with the mindset it will take longer than you expect and it'll be harder than you expect. I try to start packing much sooner than I need to then we usually hire a small van and move as much as we can, then get a removals firm to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to sofas and beds. - Jenny.

8. Write on every box what is in it, then when you go to put it in your new home; you know exactly what room to put it straight in. Saves so much mess and clutter in your new home. - Rebecca.

9. After about 17 moves in less than 3 years, I can honestly say create a ‘24 hour box’! Put in a change of clothes, stuff to make tea and coffee (mugs, kettle spoons) a bowl, knife and fork, toilet roll, washing up liquid, tin opener dishcloths and label it! That way if moving doesn’t go to plan and you get into the new place late, you don’t have 100 boxes to try to unpack/go through, you can just grab that 1 box with everything you need for the next 24 hours. - Jade.

10. Keep one box separate from the rest so that it is easy to find after the move with cutlery, some plates, favourite children’s bits - basically anything needed to make that first night a lot less stressful. Also, once you are in, focus on getting the kids' rooms unpacked and ready first so that they are ‘in’ the new home. - Emma.

Do you have any tips that you'd like to share?
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  1. List /s. As so much to plan and organise.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Thanks for this, there are some very handy tips there.

  3. Such practical tips / suggestions. Thanks!

    Rachel Craig

  4. Moving is something that I have done on numerous occasions over the years. It started with leaving home to go and live in the city and attend college. There can be so many reasons for moving. Such varying experiences, some exciting adventures, etc. Always worthwhile to think ahead, by planning, and preparing. Some things cannot be prepared for, my first move was to a shared flat. I had no choice over flat or flat mates. That was all organised for us. We were flatmates and classmates. On an adventure, starting out on a journey in life, starting employment, etc. Sometimes we had to go with the flow, learn as we journeyed our chosen pathway.

    Rachel Craig

  5. oh i hate moving, anything to make it easier is good to me