Learning Resources Smart Scoops Math Set - Review

Learning Resources are my go-to brand when I want to buy a fun toy for the kids, one which is entertaining but educational too. My children, like most kids their age, learn best through play so their toys and activity sets are just the ticket.

When asked to choose a couple of toys for the kids to review I was so impressed by the choice and variety of products that are readily available on their website. Although there's so much to choose from, the website is very easy to use, with straightforward categories to navigate through.

After changing my mind a couple of times I chose a colour sorting food set from the New Sprouts range for Ava, which I'll be reviewing at a later date. I then let Noah choose which product that he'd like. I showed him lots of different options and after deliberating for a little while he decided to go for the Smart Scoops Math Set. I'll be honest, it wasn't the maths that attracted him to it, it was the ice creams and the prospect of being an "ice cream man!"

The Smart Scoops Math Set encourages early maths skills, in a fun, exciting and engaging way. It helps builds their sorting, patterning, and colour recognition along with basic additions and fine motor skills. It's also a great way to nurture their imagination as it's superb for role play too. 

On opening, we were both really impressed with the activity set. Just like the other Learning Resources toys that we own, it's made with such quality and you can see that a lot of thought and attention has been put into creating it.

Inside the box are; 
4 Colour bowls, 4 Cones, 20 Icecream Scoops (5 of each colour), Fine motor ice cream scooper, 23 Double-sided cards, a Spinner and a lidded container. The Smart Scoops Math Set is a very impressive playset as there are multiple ways that it can be played with. Activities such as creating Colour Patterns, Colour Sorting, Ordering, Counting, Matching Numbers, Sums, Scooping, Role Play and so much more.

There are seven activity suggestions in the instruction book which we found very helpful. The instructions can also be found online which is great to know in case you ever lose them. Noah enjoys each game but his top three activities are below, these are the ones that he plays over and over again.

Colour Sorting
Set out the bowls. Using the scooper, help the child lift the scoops out of the container and into the matching-colour bowls. Ask the child to name the colours and place the correct colour-word card in front of each bowl. To randomize colour identification, let the child twirl the spinner, name the colour it lands on, and lift that scoop out of the container and into its matching-colour bowl.

Colour Patterns
Lay out the pattern cards. Select one, and say aloud the colour pattern as you take each scoop out of the container (“yellow, green, yellow, green…”). Have the child copy the pattern, stacking the scoops on a cone in the correct order. Then, ask, “Which colour comes next in this pattern?” Have the child stack the scoop that comes next. Continue with other pattern cards.

Order Up
Time for role play! Let the child pretend to be an ice-cream server by filling your scoops?” Or, 3 order. Give a simple counting instruction: “May I have a cone with test the child’s working memory by placing an order based on a colour sequence: “Today I’d like a bowl with one red, one blue, and one green scoop.” Can the child remember and re-create your exact order? Use the pattern cards for inspiration! 

The Smart Scoops Math Set retails at just £20.00, is suitable for ages 3-7 and I cannot recommend it enough. It's probably Noah's favourite toy at the moment, he's not stopped playing with it since it arrived and I've already noticed his confidence growing when it comes to maths. It will also be a great resource for me to use in the summer holidays ahead of him starting school, one which will keep him busy too! 

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.


  1. Seems like Noah made a great choice. Looks and sounds like a wonderful game to play, such variety.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I love educational games, little ones learn so quickly and it's great when they're just having fun and don't realise it's learning!

  3. A fun game which would appeal to the children.

    Rachel Craig

  4. This looks amazing

  5. educational and fun the perfect mix