Fisher Price Imaginext Jurassic World - Review

Noah could possibly be Imaginext's number one fan, there's not a day that goes by without him playing with his Imaginext toys. I've lost count of the times I've watched him set up his figures, alongside his playsets ready to play. He'll then lay down, enthralled, and become engrossed with them for quite some time. 

With his love of Imaginext, we were both really excited when we saw the new Imaginext Jurassic World advertisement and both squealed in delight when we were offered a big box of the new range to review! It was just the perfect opportunity for Noah and I was so happy to accept the opportunity. Here's what was inside our huge Dinosaur influencer box:

Jurassic World Imaginext Walking Indoraptor - RRP: £64.99
This is the show stopper when it comes to the new Jurassic World range. Not only does this toy look really impressive, and quite scary but it also has some really cool functions too. First, notice the red stand on the dinosaurs back? This is a place for Imaginext figures (like Owen who comes with this set) to stand and it controls a few of the toy's actions too. Turn it to make the dinosaur run forward or press it to make it roar and open its mouth. With two stomping speeds, walking or rushing the Indoraptor is bound to keep kids busy trying to keep it under control. The Owen figure can also ride the ATV and when you roll the car it makes the dinosaur run faster! Included are the large Indoraptor toy, ATV car and Owen figure. It retails at £64.99 which I think is quite fair with how engaging and interactive it is.

Imaginext Jurassic World Dinosaur Hauler - RRP: £42.99
The Dinosaur Hauler is what every child needs to capture and transport those pesky raptors! Just like the Walking Indoraptor this vehicle has one of the trademark red platforms where your figure can stand or you can use to control different aspects of the toy. With the hauler, you turn the red power pad midway it lowers the ramp to the vehicle, and if you twist it completely then it ejects the cage. When your Imaginext figure is standing on the power pad they can man the projectile launcher, shoot out the net and catch the raptor! With this set, you receive the vehicle, projectile launcher, net, blue dinosaur figure and one Imaginext figurine.

Imaginext Jurassic World Figure Mosasarus & Diver - RRP: £18.99
We are familiar with the accessory and figure packs so we were happy to see that they've released them within the Jurassic World range too. We were sent the Mosasarus set which was the first toy that Noah wanted to open! The Mosasarus moves it's fins, tail and opens its mouth with the press of a button. It's quite a scary looking thing and one which Noah seems to be really drawn to. The diver figure which comes with this set is fully equipped for deep sea diving and for taming the beast! There are two other larger assortment packs, each coming with a different dinosaur, figure and accessory. 

Imaginext Jurassic World Sub Dino Catcher - £11.99 each
There are half a dozen character packs which are available, which all retail at just £11.99 each. The £11.99 character set's come with one Imaginext figure and a dinosaur or vehicle. These sets are great for building your own Jurassic World collection, adding even more fun into play, without breaking the bank. We were sent the Sub Dino Catcher which goes perfectly with the Mosasarus set!

Well, what can I say other than Imaginext have gone and done it again! In Noah's eyes, they are the best toys there are! Over the past week, he's constantly played with the Jurrasic World range and Ava has now become obsessed with dinosaurs, constantly toddling around the house while roaring!

I also have to add that these toys aren't just a hit with Noah, as parents we love them too. They are such sturdy and well-made toys, ones which really encourage your child to use their imagination, and create their own stories and games through play. I could honestly sit there and watch Noah play with them all day long, he enjoys them so much and I know that he'll be playing with them for years to come!

Imaginext Jurrasic World toys are suitable from 3 years and available to buy now, online or instore at retailers like Smyths Toys.

- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.


  1. Dinosaurs:- So popular with the children.

    Rachel Craig

  2. A large toy selection likely to keep Noah busy.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Ana-Maria Suciu5 July 2018 at 14:34

    Lovely for dinosaurs lovers

  4. This looks like such fun, my daughter loves anything dinosaur related x

  5. Imaginext toys are great

  6. he looks like hes in his element lol