Ava - 17 Months Old

Can you believe that it's been three months since I last wrote an update on Ava? This wasn't planned, every week I'd have the post on my to-do list but something would crop up and I just didn't have the time. I expect this post to be huge, it's been three months after all, and well it may as well have been a year because she's changed so much! I'm so glad to have this time now, to type everything up and have it to look back on. 

Ava is truly one of a kind and people always comment that "she's been here before!" Which never fails to freak me out! First of all, she's so funny! She lives to make you smile and laugh, or just to get a reaction whether it be a good one of a bad. She's very independent, which has been a learning curve for me as Noah was totally the opposite. I find myself having to take a step back with her and let her get on with things because she gets frustrated if she's not able to do things herself. This, of course, means that she picks up new skills really quickly because she likes to practice and has so much patience. She's very intelligent and quick to learn. She's also extremely affectionate and often gives kisses and cuddles without prompting. If I was to describe her in five words they would be; independent, intelligent, intuitive, funny and affectionate.

She often speaks 'gobbledygook' but is doing really well with her words too. She tries to learn new words every day and here are some that she already knows; 
hiya, ta, hi, Mam, Mama, Mummy, Dada, Daddy, Nanna, Grandad, cat, hat, cheese, shoes, car, ta ta's, choc choc, tea, that, wee wee, poo poo, baby, dip dip. I've brought out the same flash cards that I introduced when Noah was 17 months old to try and teach her new words. I'm also encouraging her to join two words such as "Hiya Mama!"

I've not weighed her for a while but she is a stocky little thing, although she's lost a lot of her lovely puppy fat since she's started running everywhere. She wears 12-18 month clothing but I don't think it'll be long until she's moving into the next size. She wears a size 5 nappy and her feet are size 4.5.

Over the past couple of months, she's been cutting lots of teeth at the same time but she has been handling it quite well. She has a whopping 14 teeth, with 2 others just cutting through. So she's on the brink of having 16! Almost a full set. On a whole, she's not poorly very often but she had her first tummy bug a few weeks ago. Thankfully it was only a 24 hour kind of thing.


Our breastfeeding journey came to an end 14 months as slowly she weaned herself. I remember the last time I fed her so clearly. She'd actually not nursed for an entire week, she was feeling poorly and I ended up feeding her. I was surprised there was any milk left but there was and it was lovely to be able to nurse her when she was unwell. I think it was a lovely end to our breastfeeding story. I have to admit that I really miss breastfeeding but I treasure every moment of our journey together. It was such a special time. 

Ava now drinks cows milk and usually has a 12oz bottle in the morning, a 7oz bottle before her nap and another 12oz before she goes to bed. She also drinks a flask of water every day. When it comes to food, she tries everything and anything and has the regular three meals a day, with desserts and snacks in between. Her favourite food at the moment, believe it or not, is gherkins! We go through a large jar a week between her and her Daddy! Gherkins aside she also loves; cheese, ham, chicken, all fruits and veg, yoghurt, shreddies and chocolate! Like Noah, she isn't overly fond of bread or toast.

Ava now sleeps through, hurray and has done for a month or so. She has a bottle at night, a cuddle and then usually goes straight to sleep. She can sometimes stir for her dummy during the night, but other than that it's bliss. Although I must mention, she doesn't sleep in her own cot, she's still in our bed. Thankfully we have a huge super king bed so we've all got plenty of space to stretch out yet at arms reach when she wants a cuddle. She usually naps for two hours in the afternoon in her pram. She'll actually climb into it herself, with her dummy waiting for her bottle. So basically, she sleeps fantastic, just not in her cot!

Milestones & new tricks
* She's been able to walk and run for months, but now she can jump and boy can she climb. She loves to climb, it's her favourite thing to do and she has no fear whatsoever!
* She likes to feed herself with a fork or spoon and usually protests if you try to help her.

* She can say over 20 words which I've listed in the post earlier.
* She understands pretty much anything you say to her. If you ask her to go and get her shoes, she'll fetch them and try to put them on. She can do it, but they usually go on the wrong foot. If you ask if she wants to go for a walk she will go and get her coat and shoes.
* Leading on from that, she loves to try to dress herself. She can put on her socks and likes to try to put on other peoples shoes. I often find her walking into the room with my shoes on or with Noah's shorts on her head.
* She loves taking care of her dolls and is a proper little Mummy. She will cuddle and carry them around. Feed them with a bottle, lay them down to go to sleep and put a little blanket on them.
* She now lets us know when she's doing a wee or a poo in her nappy and will hide when she's doing a number two. I recently won a potty from Oxo Tot so I think in the next few weeks we will introduce her to it.

Likes and dislikes

Her family and the cat. Exploring, climbing, running and jumping! Getting up to mischief. Playing make believe, peekaboo, dancing and reading books. All animals, cats in particular. Her dolls and looking after them. Playing with Noah and all his toys. Dressing and feeding herself. Cuddles in bed. Making a mess! Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger, Llama Llama and In The Night Garden. Rock music and listening to Daddy on guitar. Copying whatever Noah does. Going for walks and trips to the park. Gherkins! Music and nursery rhymes. She doesn't like bugs or having her teeth brushed.


  1. Wonderful, Ava has grown and developed so much. She will be learning from watching and listening to Noah, as well as the rest of the family and friends. Lovely record for you all to look back on in years to come.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Nice to see Ava's doing well

  3. Ava seems to have a good appetite.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Not long till Noah will be starting school :- Will Ava see him to the school along with mum.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Ava and Noah seen so happy.

    Rachel Craig