Maintaining Your Motor Vehicle

It’s that time of the year again. Your car is telling you that it is due a service and the first thing you think is, “oh great more money going on the car! Maybe I’ll put it off for another month or so, the car seems fine!” The truth is, car servicing is an absolutely essential procedure we all must put our vehicles through. Neglected vehicle care will almost definitely cost you more money down the line as more is likely to go wrong. Most car manufacturers recommend you give your vehicle a full service every 12 months, or, every 12000 miles, whichever comes first (and no, an MOT does not count!). Heavy travellers who rack up lots of miles should look at servicing every 6 months, or, 6000 miles. People don’t often realise how quickly car parts can wear and degrade and ignoring a service can have potentially fatal consequences.

Another point to remember is that a vehicle which has been serviced regularly and has had the service book stamped will become much more desirable to a potential buyer should you come to sell it at a later date. It shows that you have looked after it and kept it running as it should. Servicing should not be seen as an unwarranted cost, it is the best way to ensure your vehicle is safe and guarantee a piece of mind.

Why is it different from an MOT?
An MOT is basically a test which vehicles go through to assess their safety and roadworthiness as well as testing things like emissions. During an MOT, a certified mechanic will work through a checklist of safety aspects which your vehicle must meet in order to be deemed “road worthy”. They will not perform any maintenance on your vehicle unless it’s something which causes the vehicle to fail the test. A pass on an MOT does not mean that you don’t need to carry out basic vehicle maintenance.

What does a service include?
A full vehicle service includes a wide range of tasks:
* Replace Fuel Filter
* Replace Air Filter
* Full oil change and replacement of oil filter
* Brakes check
* Replace spark plugs
* Tyre check
* Clutch check
* Exhaust system check
* Coolant check
* Windscreen washers check
* Lights check
* Seat belts check

An interim service is much less thorough and usually includes check such as:
* Oil and filter change
* Coolant check
* Anti-Freeze check
* Brake Fluid
* General visual check
* Tyre check
* Exhaust check

It is important to check with your local servicing garage, such as Iverson Tyres in London, to see what exactly you will get in your service as not all garages will carry out the same checks.

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  1. Useful tips, my mum had a really unfortunate incident last week whereby she tried to get into her car after work and her keys wouldn't fit in her ignition!

  2. I'd like basic car maintenance to be widely taught. Maybe taught in schools. Or become part of learning to drive :- As could be included as another aspect / topic. Accessibility to such knowledge and skills certainly seems to be increased.

    Rachel Craig

    1. Meant :- certainly seems, that there is a need for it to be increased.

      Rachel Craig

  3. I think service book /log tends to have a list for each service. Would be a good thing if school curriculum offered an opportunity to learn and build up skills in regards to cars, mechanics, road safety, driving theory. As can take driving lessons from age 17years old. Eighteen years old classed as an adult, which includes self responsibility, etc. Independece comes gradually :- Development, a process. Opportunities required.

    Rachel Craig