A Guide To The Ultimate City Break

Are you heading off to your favourite city in a few weeks’ time? Are you planning to switch off from making plans and simply wait for the first day of your break? Do you realise there are savings you could be making that will mean you’ve got more to spend on your holiday? Wherever you’ve decided to travel there are things you can do that will mean you get to have more fun. From saving on travel insurance to planning how you’re going to get around. Let’s look at some of the ways you can make savings before and while you’re enjoying your holiday.

Travel Insurance
You might not have bought yours yet so now’s the time to shop around for the best deal. There are a number of different comparison websites that will help you find the right level of cover at the best price. Don’t be tempted to skimp on buying it as you can never predict falling ill or being involved in an accident. The best travel insurance should also cover you for flight cancellations, loss of luggage and any special activities you’ll be taking part in.

Organise Your Currency
If you leave the exchanging of your currency until the last minute, you will be restricting your options. Changing currency at the airport can work out to be very expensive. It’s quick and easy to order a range of different currencies at your local bank, and it will mean you don’t get stung by high airport exchange charges. Unless you’re traveling somewhere very remote, you won’t need to carry much of the local currency anyway. A pre-paid currency card is one option worth looking in to, or you can use your regular credit or debit card for purchases.

Will You Need Airport Transfer?
Most city airports, including those in London, are not located in the middle of the city. To get into the city centre, for example, to take advantage of a London attractions offers, you’ll need to get a train or bus. However, if you need to travel somewhere a little more out of the way and airport transfer service may be the better option. It is also something you can organise well in advance. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a city and having no idea how you’re going to get to your hotel.

How Are You Going to Get Around When You Arrive?
The answer to this question will depend on the city you’ve decided to visit. The very nature of a city should mean there are a variety of transport methods to choose from. Before you travel, spend some time researching your options. You need to find a way that’s convenient, flexible, cheap and the best. Many cities offer cheaper options for travel if you book for a few days in advance. Barcelona offers a two-day card that includes unlimited public transport. An Oyster card that can be bought for traveling around London is 50% cheaper than a regular travel card.

Whether you’re going away for a short city break of planning a trip for much longer, don’t sit on your laurels and wait for the first day of your holiday. Spend the time looking for deals and special offers. You’ll be glad you did when you get there because you’ll have more money to spend.

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  1. I have enjoyed a variety of city breaks. Relevant aspects to consider. Each visit can vary. Some of my city breaks / visits have been visits to friends. Therefore these friends were supportive in regards to meeting me / us at airport, etc. This can make a huge difference, as they have lots of local knowledge, know local culture, speak the language ( which is great when abroad, especially when first visit to that country).

    City breaks can be great fun. Certainly worthwhile forward planning, and being prepared. Thanks for your information, as we may have future city breaks.

    Rachel Craig

  2. i used to love city breaks hvent been on one in a while but i love day trips into london