Finding The Right Nanny To Work For Your Family

Trying to find a nanny that is right for you and your family can be a stressful time. What will they be like with the children? What is their background like? How many days are they available? Everyone has positive and negatives aspects but when hiring a nanny, you have to be sure that they naturally fit into your family and routines, so although it can be stressful, it is something to take time on deciding. At the end of the day, they will be around a lot so, you have to find someone who really is the perfect fit for your family.

Step 1: Where to begin:
Speaking to people who have already found their perfect nanny are a fantastic place to start. They can give you advice on what to look for in a nanny and also give you tips on how they went about deciding. When asking on opinions from people, make sure it is someone you trust to be honest with you. As another option, there are plenty of trusted nanny agencies about that can suggest suitable nannies to you and that fit your criteria. A good thing about agencies is that their nannies will also already be DBS checked so therefore, that takes the stress away from you trying to sort that in time to start. Finally, private advertising is a possibility. This will reduce large fees that may occur by going through agencies etc. By advertising privately, the nannies would apply directly to you and you would have full control of the process from start to finish.
Step 2: Make a short list:
After deciding what route to take when searching for a nanny and finding potential candidates, making a shortlist and writing down pros and cons for all the candidates. Once reviewing all applications etc., setting up a telephone interview is the next step to take. Making it casual is a great way to get a feel of the person you are speaking to and hopefully, that will make them more relaxed in what can be a nerve-wracking situation for some people. This will also be a good test to see if you are suitable for one another.
After the phone interviews have been conducted, getting back in touch with your favourite candidates to set up a face to face interview is the next step. An ideal place to hold the interview is somewhere neutral to you both, such as a coffee shop. You need to be prepared with questions for them, ask them for their qualification certificates, DBS checks, and references. Following up on the references is a great way of finding out a more extensive range of information about them.
Step 3: Get to know them more:
Meeting up with the candidates more than once is a good idea to do. A nanny is going to be with you and/or your children for a vast amount of time so you need to be 100% sure they are right for you. You can obviously get good first impressions which is always a plus, but meeting up with them more than once can give you more a definite feeling towards them. This can be a chance to have a more in-depth perspective on whether they are the most appropriate for your family. Asking questions that reveal what experience they have with children and if they have worked with ages similar to your own children are good places to dig deeper in. Also, finding out ways they would motivate your child to do school work and organise their day is ideal.
Step 4: Figuring out issues that may occur:
When finding the perfect nanny, you have to take into consideration your own morals/views compared to theirs. What are their thoughts on discipline? Do they similar views on healthy eating as you? Not only could moral issues sway your decision but also issues such as holidays, pay and working hours. Job descriptions always come in handy for these type of potential issues as that should clearly outline exactly what you expect off of someone and salaries etc. Hopefully, people would only apply if they fit the description exactly, but some may not, therefore double checking everything and putting it into an employment contract is a good idea as this will not only reduce the risk of issues arising but covers your own back if it did occur.
Step 5: Making the final decisions
This is the biggest step in the whole process. Finally making a decision on who to employ to look after your children. You’ve gone through all the previous steps but there is one more needed to 100% determine your decision - a paid trial day. This is a satisfying way to figure out whether they are right for the job. The main thing to look at is how your child/children react to their presence, whether they feel relaxed and comfortable in their care or not. It is also important to look at how they interact with your child, are they speaking to them nicely or are they too stern? Are they motivating them and paying enough attention to what they are up to? You may feel like you have hawk eyes on them for the day but you want to be able to feel comfortable and at peace of mind leaving your child with someone every morning, therefore, it is essential you feel at ease with it all.
If all goes well on the trial day, then that is amazing and you have yourself a fantastic nanny! You are now officially their employer so be sure to follow all the laws when it comes to paying them and holidays etc. It’s also worth ensuring you have the correct Employer’s Liability insurance in place as if an accident occurs in the home, or on holiday abroad, your nanny could have grounds to sue you for compensation. More information on this is available at, or speak to a legal expert to be sure you have the right cover in place to protect both yourself and your employee.
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