5 Essential Items For A Garden Play Area

AD - This is a collaborative post.

Spring has well and truly sprung so your children will be spending a lot more time in the garden. If you want to ensure your green space keeps them occupied for hours, check out these five fabulous items that will transform it into the ultimate play paradise.

1. A swing
Bring the park to your home by getting a garden swing from a store such as Argos, they are so much fun for kids. Your children will be in their element as they take turns pushing their friends higher and higher and they’re also a great place to sit and rest in between energetic outdoor adventure sessions. Laying some bark down in the area below your swing lessens the impact of unforeseen tumbles by providing a soft, clean landing surface – and it looks good too.

2. Sand-pitWith a sand-pit in your garden, your kids will be entertained for hours on end as they use their imaginations to create a mini magical world. They’ll really enjoy discovering the wonderful and varied texture of sand and it aids their sensory development. To enhance this experience, provide fun, tactile items such as pebbles and seashells for them to play with too.

3. Paddling pool
A Paddling pool is perfect play item for the sunny days ahead. 
Placed prominently in your garden, a pool allows kids to enjoy a range of fun water activities from paddling to water fights and everything in between. Furthermore, they’re also a great place to relax and keep cool in the sizzling summer temperatures. Paddling pools come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you’ll easily be able to find the right one for your garden space – so don’t delay and buy one today.

4. Playhouse
A playhouse is the ultimate garden play item. 
They’re versatile because they can be converted to whatever your child wants them to be, for instance, a spaceship, a secret lab, a teddy bear hospital. Plus, they’re a great storage space for outdoor toys and equipment, so they help you keep your garden looking tidy. Prices vary, but they’re a worthwhile investment because they can be used all year-round. For inspiration, check out an online garden building retailer like Waltons. And once you’ve chosen your playhouse, bring it to life with bright colours and soft furnishings.

5. Matting
Matting makes a wonderful addition to an outdoor play area. 
For starters, it’s multi-functional – providing a soft and secure surface for your children to play on so that there’s less chance of any bumps or scrapes. They’re also ideal for protecting your grass from the damage caused by child’s play. And investing in a high-quality product from a mat manufacturer like Kleen-tex means your home will be armed against outdoor dirt – how’s that for a double-whammy? Outdoor play is definitely something you should encourage – with these items in your garden, your children will be entertained for hours on end.

What are your favourite items for a play area? Share them in the comments section.


  1. Sandpit, swing. Playhouse, possibly paddling pool.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Playhouse link:- nice to see the variety of playhouses which are available.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I have a plastic little tikes seesaw which was Connor's when he was younger, he's nearly 15 now and it's still going strong, Megan and Mollie love playing on it too, they also love their slide xx

  4. Wondering if your garden has a relaxing, comfortable area for adults. Such as yourself and partner, as well as any adult visitors such as family and friends. Do you have ideas, suggestions that you are willing to share. Maybe appropriate products. As when children are in the garden there will be Parent / Carer there in order to supervise the children. Ensuring that everyone is safe. Children are naturally curious, though not yet independent ( as not aware of all dangers / risks / risky behaviour, etc). Therefore there will be Responsible adult /s present. Therefore children and adult/s will be present together in the garden. So needs of adult/s also need to be addressed :- Such as seating, possibly bench/s, deckchair/s, sun lounger/s, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. "Snow White" coat.

    Rachel Craig