7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Summer

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Summer is on the horizon and I cannot wait! I hope that we get a proper summer this year because I long to soak up all that natural vitamin D. I don't know about you but I like to spruce up my home with the start of each season, it's become quite the tradition. I like to do this in numerous ways. With this in mind, I thought I'd put together a post featuring my top tips, and feature a couple of ideas from some blogging friends of mine too.

1. Deep clean
I start my spruce by undertaking a full-scale spring clean, throughout the house. I tackle a room a day and focus on the areas that are easily forgotten about (back of cupboards, behind sofas, skirting boards, and so on.) I make a list of every job which needs to be done in each room and check them off as I go. It's very rewarding to see all the boxes checked off at the end of each day.

2. Clear out
While I'm spring cleaning a room I make a pile of items that I no longer need and ignore it until I'm done. Once I've finished cleaning I sort them into two sections, a charity shop pile and a bin/recycle pile. It feels so good to take bags of clothes, books, toys, and bric-a-brac to the charity shop because not only am I doing something good but I'm also decluttering my home.

3. Update your decor & furniture
A simple way to brighten your home for summer is to change up accent pieces in certain rooms. I like to switch my cushions, rugs, and ornaments around, however, I don't always buy new. I like to look in the charity shops for bargains or even buy and sell pages online. This summer I also want to update our garden and one way I intend to do that is by purchasing a hammock from Hammock Giant - I can just picture myself relaxing in with a good book!

4. Invest in a new piece of furniture
We started our home renovation five years ago. It's been such a work in progress but we are now at the stage where we have money left over to buy new pieces of furniture for our home. I currently have my heart set on a new sofa or sofa bed for the living room as I'm bored of ours. I always tend to opt for safe colours like grey or beige but I want to go for something brighter this time.

5. Flower and plants
Freshly cut flowers and indoor plants (real or fake) are a great way to bring nature and a pop of colour into your home. I love bouquets of flowers, but they don't last very long. Indoor plants can live for years, with minimum upkeep, or you can opt for realistic fake plants to add pops of greenery around your home. Kate from LesBeMums top tip is to; "Bring the outside in! Pick flowers or herbs from the garden, open those windows, and let that light in!"

6. Choose a home fragrance
I'm quite new to the world of home fragrance and I'm hooked on finding the perfect scent. The subtle use of home fragrance can freshen up your home, especially if you have young children and pets like I do. Jade from Happy and Stuff suggested choosing a scent that reminds you of summer or a holiday. Her current favourites are shea butter and anything fruity.

7. Make a living space outdoors
We don't get much sun here in the UK so when it does make an appearance I spend most of my time outdoors. Michaela from Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum tip is to; "Sort your outdoors and put a table out there so you can enjoy breakfast in the summer sun" which I think is a great idea! There are some wonderful garden furniture on the LionsHome website which would be ideal for this very reason. I can envision lots of family meals out in the sun.

Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? 


  1. Never considered sprucing up our Accomodation / home for each season. Many of us are used to Spring Cleaning. Which I thought was a common thing to do :- Possibly as Springtime new beginning/s. Also brighter days can show up / highlight any dusty corners, etc.

    May now consider a change with the seasons. Summer is with us as a season. Summer weather is something else. We are not guaranteed summer sunshine, so living in the present, and making the most of each day will likely benefit our health, wellbeing, family life, etc. I hope to have some Days Out, visits to family, walks in the park, etc this summer. Home is were I hope I can return to following adventures (venturing outdoors, etc) to rest, recover, relax, re-energise, etc.

    Best Wishes with your Summer Sprucing up Activity. Would be nice to read /see how your plans go.

    Rachel Craig

  2. "An Englishman's Home is his Castle". Home should maybe where we all feel safe and secure. Yet it can be invaded by noise. Last weekend when visiting my Mum. It sounded like a neighbour was doing some DIY ( Do It Yourself). As sounded like an electric drill was being used. Sunday :- Wasn't that once " The Day of Rest"?

    Today awakened this morning ( Sunday) to noise of grass cutting / trimming. Seemed to be ongoing, on viewing from the window :- Chap using strimmer to cut grass, rather than a lawnmower. This may be why the task and noise was ongoing for such a length of time. Noise can be detrimental to Health and Wellbeing. Especially when no control over that noise. Whatever happened to "Neighbourlyness". Maybe the busyness of our present day culture / way of life has led to not knowing or getting to know, talk, communicate, consider and Respect neighbours. Or is it Individualism which the recent Margaret Thatcher series stated that Margaret Thatcher was responsible for ( she thought the individual could improve self, by focusing on self development. Also believing that Society did not exist). Yet " No Man is an Island". " It takes a Village to Raise a Child". It seems we are more likely to have a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Enviroment / Community / Society if we consider, Respect, Communicate and organise collectively.

    Rachel Craig

  3. The flowers shown above look lovely, a nice combination of colours.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Home :- Garden can be part of Home. Some people bring the outdoors in :- By opening patio doors, etc. Then the Garden can seem like part of the Home / an extension to the Home. A beautiful garden with colourful flowers, a lovely scented range of flowers and plants can awaken our senses. Children and adults can make use of our 5 Senses ( Sight, Sound, Sense of Smell, Hearing, Touch). Children often make use of their senses when exploring, being adventurous, learning, etc.

    Rachel Craig