Foodie Roos Mini Plush Collectibles - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

My kids adore collectible and surprise toys, so much so that I've lost count of how many different collections we have on the go. They love spotting new collectibles in the shops, and are so excited when they get to review them. Once they've arrived Noah usually declares that he's seen them on YouTube. How is my 5-year-old more in the know than I am?

Foodie Roos are a new collectible toy on the market, brought to you by John Adams. They are cute mini plush collectible characters that have a fun little story behind them. One day in their hometown of Yummyville, they were all enjoying their favourite foods and ate a little too much. As if by magic, they then turned into what they were eating and became a Foodie Roo! They now look, feel and smell just like their favourite food.

We were sent six Foodie Roos to review, presented nicely in what I presume to be a shop display. They looked so inviting and the kids insisted on opening them right away. Each Foodie Roo is presented in a brightly colored, plastic container (kind of like an ice cream tub!) There's food type on the front and the peek-a-boo window give you a little clue to which character you will find inside.

There are currently 20 different Foodie Roo's to collect and each Foodie Roo container contains 1 of 2 different characters. Children can choose from popcorn, gummies, chips, cookies, fruit cup, soda, pretzels, juice, cereal, and rare treats! We received a good variety and the first we discovered were Choco Pup and Bouncy Bear.

It didn't take us long to open them all and we were delighted at all the adorable characters we discovered. They are a great size for children and all the sensory elements are a fantastic idea. Ava likes to sniff, squeeze, stroke and shake them and didn't take long to stash them all between her legs. Her favourite is Citrus Stripes (found in Soda Pop) because when you shake it you can feel water sloshing about inside. Noah, on the other hand, seems to like Choco Pup.

Foodie Roos look and smell wonderful, just like their favourite foods. Each one feels completely different too. Inside some there are beans, in others, there are large beads, in others, there is liquid. They are fantastic for sensory play.

At first glance, I worried that they were another toy which came with too much, throwaway, single-use plastic, thankfully, I was wrong. The plastic containers convert into a little home for the Foodie Roo, which you can decorate with the stickers provided. They also double up for storing them and are fantastic for role play too. Noah uses the containers for playing shops, storing other collectibles and they are currently proudly on display in his bedroom, alongside his favourite Foodie Roos.

We all adore Foodie Roos and I've added a couple to the the kids Christmas lists. They are so cute that we are going to have to collect them all. Suitable for children from 3 years old, they retail at £7.99 each and are available to buy now, online at Amazon.


  1. OMG, these Foodie Roos are super cute and I love how colourful and hug-gable they are. I know my kids would totally love these collectibles

  2. My kids love collectibles too, these toys look so much fun to play and collect!

  3. Cute soft toys.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I like the idea of these, lots of sensory elements to explore

  5. These are fab, different and the fact all plastic is used is a good thing

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