10 Things I'm Loving Lately - October 2019

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Wow, it's been a while since I wrote one of these posts. In fact, it's been three years! It's quite surreal looking back at this post because our lives have changed so much! Anyway, less of the reminiscing, here are 10 things I'm loving lately.

I don't have a garden, but I do have a lot of potted plants. It probably shows my age, but I feel such a passion for gardening lately and find it so therapeutic and calming taking care of plants. I wish we had a big sprawling back garden so I could all out with plants, but for now, we don't. Amongst my regular plants, I have a couple of tomato bushes, a basil shrub, and a strawberry plant. I'm looking forward to planting next year and seeing what else I can grow.

A favourite pastime of mine has got to be reading, however, lately, I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to. My friend Rebecca from Mum Of A Premature Baby is currently well into her 2019 reading challenge and is a daily reminder for me to pick up a book. I've recently fallen in love with Jill Shalvis - her books are so easy to read, light-hearted and enjoyable.

I've mentioned this a billion times here on the blog, but after a lengthy house renovation is brilliant to finally be able to decorate our home the way we want to. We are currently focusing on our dining room as it seems to have turned into more of a playroom than somewhere to eat dinner and it drives me crazy. I've been looking to purchasing wall dividers to keep their toys separate and issue a little bit of order into the room.

Queer Eye
If you are looking to watch something that makes you smile one minute, laugh the next, and have you sobbing by the end then Queer Eye is for you. The Fab Five certainly live up to their name and are all so inspiring in their own unique way. Every episode leaves me with the warm fuzzies and I'm already itching for a new season! You can watch all the seasons on Netflix now.

Mummy and daughter time
I really enjoy my weekdays, having quality time with Ava when Noah is at school. I know this sounds a bit strange, but second children really miss out on that one on one time a lot, and Noah had me all to himself back when he was a toddler. On Tuesdays, we attend a playgroup at Noah's school which is great for socialising, arts and crafts, and a bit of freeplay. On Thursdays, we go to Hartbeeps which is a sensory, music, dance type class that Ava adores. I'd go as far as saying it's her favourite thing to do because she asks to go every day without fail.

Blackberry picking
I wish we had a large garden. I would plant fruit trees, bushes, try my hand at growing vegetables but for the time being, I'm having to make do with my potted plants. That said, we live right next to allotments and along the paths are dozens of blackberry bushes and the kids love to help themselves to them. They are coming to the end of the season now but they've eaten so many of them over the past couple of weeks and saved me a small fortune on fruit!

After school activities
Noah is now in year 1 and is coming on leaps and bounds both academically and in his confidence. To enrich his after school time we've signed him up to swimming lessons and Beaver Scouts. It gives him extra structure to his week, develops his confidence further, and he seems to be enjoying both.

I know, this isn't my "coolest" moment but I'm enjoying reliving my youth catching up with the WWE. Back when I was a kid, all my friends wanted to be pop stars, actors, models, not me, I wanted to be a wrestler! Nick and I started watching wrestling again last year after Noah showed an interest in it. Fast forward 12 months and Noah is a mega-fan and we are due to see it live again in November. We are all so excited!

Yes, I said it! Gin is my tipple of choice and I love trying new flavours and tonic/ lemonade combinations. I find it's a nice way to relax and unwind in the evening, once the kids are in bed. My favourite gin's at the moment are Boe Violet, Beefeater Strawberry, and the limited edition Seville Orange and Lime gin from ALDI. They are all exquisite and if you are a fan of gin then you have got to try them.

Nairn's Pop Oats

I love a good snack, especially if they are healthier than my regular ones. I recently reviewed Nairn's Pop Oats and they are one of my new favourite snacks and the kids love them too!

What are you loving lately?


  1. Always inspiring - no blackberries left here GIN GIN ! yes

  2. I can understand how you feel -- I also wish I had a garden! I love berry picking, it's healthy and saves so much money.

  3. Lately loving attending some groups. We are Social Beings, and I do so enjoy having meals / refreshments with others and a chat. Hopefully more groups, more local will build up over time. As we have been encouraged to reduce social isolation. It can be the older age groups, individuals living alone, those with ill health, etc who are at Risk of social isolation.

    Nice to read that Ava and Noah do have good Social lives. Let us hope the future brings more Oppertunities for ALL / Everyone.

    Rachel Craig

  4. We are big WWE fans here and love that The Rock is back - we have just been blackberry picking too and I am making crumble for tea!

  5. We are headed to Butlins in November especially for their WWE weekend. My husband has been a fan for as long as I can remember with the older two children loving it too

  6. Nice blog topic. Helps us o Remember to count our Blessings. Hoping for a Happier world, with all the talk of uncertainty with Brexit. Need some Good News, Comedy, Humour, etc :- Probably some Endorphins. Off for a walk now.

    Rachel Craig

  7. We always watch the wrestling, but we are enjoying the new wrestling brand AEW a bit more than WWE at the moment its more reminiscent of old school WWE but WWE is great for the kids and my daughter loves it, Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura are her faves

  8. I am lovin getting prepared for Christmas, its only a month now and i have still loads of things to do on my list