My 5 Autumn Favourites

This post is a PR collaboration.

We are now well into Autumn and you can feel the change in the season wherever you go. The trees surrounding our home are now warm oranges, yellows and reds, the leaves are falling, and the drop in temperature is notable - we can now see our own breath! It's a reminder of how much I adore the season and I thought I would document my 5 autumn favourites.

1. Little Lord & Lady Clothing
I've been following Little Lord & Lady for years, in utter awe, and Noah and Ava are now ambassadors for the brand. They were recently sent various pieces from their new A/W range to try out and for me to photograph and share on social media. I'm blown away by it all, everything is stunning. Their garments are so sophisticated and luxurious, ideal for any occasion and special ones too.

2. Houseplants & DIY
I know, I know - the home renovation is still ongoing! We are almost there but it's now all about tweaking a few little things and updating some decor. My living room is my favourite room in the house, with it's neutral grey theme, with pops of colour from various houseplants I've bought recently - it makes me feel relaxed and at ease. That said, I'm looking at swapping the carpet for Engineered Wood Flooring as it will be easier to maintain and will look more effective too.

3. My slow cooker
I'll admit it. I'm one of those people who cracks out the crockpot at the slightest bit of cold weather and make half a dozen casseroles a week. It's so easy to set it up in the morning with whatever ingredients I please and 99% of the time it comes out delicious. Our current favourite is beef bourguignon with warm, crusty bread. Casseroles are a great way to get hidden veggies/nutrients into kids, which is even more important this time of year.

4. Conker picking & pumpkin carving
It wouldn't be Autumn, or October without a spot of conker picking and numerous pumpkins to carve. Noah and Ava love to explore and get messy while enjoying the outdoors so I've brought the pumpkins outside this year. We've put all the pumpkin seeds to one side, ready to take on our next walk to feed to the birds and squirrels.

5. Planning family outings 
October, through to December is always a busy time for us and we wouldn't have it any other way. We have Noah's 6th birthday coming up, as well as Halloween, Bonfire Night, WWE, Marvel Live, Butlins, and so much more. I'm so excited for the last few months of 2019.

What are your Autumn favourites?


  1. Ive never had a slow cooker! Maybe its time to get one - lord and berry look delightful

  2. i cant wait to carve the pumpkin on sunday

  3. Agreed! The slow cooker is a genius invention. Even people like me with no talent for cooking can make delicious food with it

  4. I found a conker on the floor yesterday and it made me feel so autumnal! My mum is getting me a slow cooker for Xmas and I can't wait :D

  5. I love my slow cooker, especially this time of year. Adore their clothes, especially the dress - off to see if they do big kids clothes too

  6. LOVE my slow cooker, especially at this time of year, it saves so much time too! We lived abroad for a long time where we didn't have any carpet at all, so I have come to hate it now that we are back. Slowly in the process of replacing all the carpet with engineered flooring in my house! :D

  7. I really need to pull out my slow cooker, I have fallen out of the habit of using it and it really does save time

  8. A slow cooker is a firm favourite over here too - there's nothing like putting the ingredients in first thing in the morning, and then finishing a busy day with dinner already made!

  9. Autumn is a lovely time of year, and although it's cold outside, wrapping up and enjoying the cool fresh air is wonderful. I do love the colours and the changes in the scenery. So pretty.

  10. This is why i love blogs and reviews, i have never heard of Little Lord & Lady clothing and just had a quick look, i'm loving their clothing, although a bit pricey there is some beautiful little dresses on there. I do love my slow cooker, i use it a lot in the Autumn and Winter, from stews and the kids love my rice pudding i do in it.