The 2019 Christmas Good Toy Guide By Fundamentally Children

AD - This is a collaborative post.

I'm sure you are well aware by now, there's no escaping it, but Christmas is right around the corner - in fact, there's just one month to go! I tend to be a little disorganised at Christmas time, leaving certain things until the very last minute. This year I planned to be different, and so far it's going well. I'm almost done when it comes to buying gifts, however, there are a few children in our family who I am yet to by for and that is where Fundamentally Children's 2019 Christmas Good Toy Guide has come in very useful.

The 2019 Christmas Good Toy Guide from the independent experts at Fundamentally Children has been put together to help parents, grandparents, carers, uncles, aunties, and so on, find the ideal toy for their recipient child. It includes over 50 toys, from 4 different age ranges. Each toy has been tested by children (the best kind of tester in my opinion) and each toy is endorsed by experts - which basically means they are reviews and toys that you can trust. I like how many are educational based because those to me, are the best kind of toys.

It really is a great guide as there's something for every child, at every age, and with every interest. There's a couple of toys in their which we are familiar with, most recently Learning Resources Coding Critters which we reviewed here
Fundamentally Children are also running their annual mega Christmas Giveaway now, until Sunday 1st December. Entrants can win a bundle of toys worth over £500! You can enter online here.


  1. What a brilliant guide especially useful for me who struggles to know what to buy children as a surprise.

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  2. Great idea - will certainly come in handy

  3. Very helpful indeed. If they had one for buying Christmas gifts for adults that would be even more useful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is an excellent guide, sometimes i dont always believe the reviews on websites etc..but this looks great ,especially as kids have actually tested it etc.

  5. Never heard of these before, but will certainly be checking them out, ive a few kiddies to buy for and to be honest i havent a clue what to buy, so this site might come in very handy and as they have been reviewed by kids, it gives you the best insight

  6. This looks a great guide, ill need to check it out