5 Lockdown DIY Tips For Your Home

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If you’re working from home during lockdown, are you struggling to keep yourself occupied with positive activities now you seem to have more spare time on your hands? Perhaps the novelty of sinking into the sofa while you indulge in an ice cream and Netflix binge has subsided, and you’re tired of following your bodyweight exercise regime to burn off the extra calories? So since you want to be active and might have noticed a few areas that need sprucing up in your abode, how about attempting some home improvement?

To help get you started, we’ve gathered together five suggestions for all levels of enthusiasts – from those who don’t mind having a go at minor tasks to people who feel perfectly at home with a hammer and spirit level in their hands.

1. Clean your dishwasher
No – we’re not talking about showering your husband here! Cleaning your dishwasher might not be the most glam job, but if it becomes blocked and floods the kitchen, you’ll pay a pretty penny for an emergency plumber. Watch this Pan The Organiser dishwasher cleaning guide to learn how to maintain it properly with simple vinegar and baking soda.

2. Remove mold and mildew
Mould and mildew can build up even in the cleanest kitchens and bathrooms, but if you’re eco-conscious, you might not want to use harsh chemical cleaning products to deal with it. But it’s actually easy to make your own mold remover with natural products – mix one part vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle and add essential oils for a wonderful fresh smell.

3. Buy a torch
One essential household item right now is a reliable torch – if you get a power cut in the middle of a pandemic, you might need to find your mains in the dark and prevent accidents while you wait for assistance. Even outwith emergencies, a specialist light like a head torch can be really handy for fiddly DIY jobs, so take a look at a portable light specialist like Torch Direct and order a few useful items.

4. Reseal your bathtub
A dodgy seal around your bathtub can compromise the structural integrity of the bath, cause mold, and also damp on the floor beneath. No one needs that right now, but you can fix it yourself with a cartridge gun, some sealant and sealant remover. Clean the area thoroughly after removing remnants of the old sealant and fill up the bath before you apply the new seal – this recreates the usual weight so that it won’t crack when used later.

5. Replace your doors
Okay – this is a slightly more ambitious project than the others we’ve mentioned. But replacing even just one of your internal doors can really improve the positive energy flow in your home and if you choose a design with glass panels it can add an airy ambiance. Designs from Oakwood Doors include contemporary and classic styles and they’re still delivering, plus you can find reliable how-to videos from DIY specialists on YouTube.

That’s our list! Share your own lockdown DIY tips in the comments section.

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