How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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Optimism – the ability to look at things from a positive point of view. When we consider raising a child, optimism isn’t always first priority – or even considered. Yet in reality, optimism is one of the most valuable attributes a person can possess so it makes sense to ensure that your child learns the habit of optimism early on. As this pre-prep school in London teaches, a can-do attitude is vital if you want your child to succeed socially and academically.

How to foster optimism from an early age
Small children are adept at learning. They learn an enormous amount in the first three years of their life. You, as their primary caregiver, are their chief example of how to speak, listen, play and learn. The language you use and how you react to small setbacks in life
 will teach them how to respond in similar situations. If you’re generally a positive person, then they will naturally pick up on this.

Watch your language
Listen to yourself – how do you respond when things go wrong? Do you immediately become morose or lose your temper? Or do you try to look on the bright side of things? Count your blessings? Even those tiny comments we’re all guilty of can slip out without much thought. Sentences like “Oh I’m always late!” or “Why can’t people be on time?” will all affect the way in which your child sees the world. Take care of the image you’re presenting to your child. Try your best to be positive and optimistic yourself and your child will be too.

Optimists are more successful
Optimism can carry people through really tough times. To keep on trying even when things look bleak is the best way to succeed. If a child learns to give up too soon, they won’t learn that failure is just another learning opportunity. And it really is. When we fail, we’re one step closer to success. We’ve learned what not to do. Help your child to succeed by remaining as positive as possible in your own endeavours. It’s not something that happens overnight – you might find yourself slipping a lot at first but the good news is that the more you practice, the better you’ll become at being optimistic yourself!

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