Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Toddler Doll & Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

We are now almost 10 weeks into lockdown and as the weeks have passed by I've found the kids getting more and more restless, in particular, Ava. With her only being 3 years old she doesn't understand what is going on in the world or why she isn't able to go visit her family, go to playgroup, the park, and so on. We've been telling her that everywhere is closed and people are poorly but you can see the frustration is still there - it's difficult for her because she is such a social child that doesn't like being cooped up.

I was delighted when I received an email titled Kindi Kids - a campaign that is all about helping children maintain friendships and some sort of routine through lockdown. It honestly couldn't have come at a better time. Ava received some lovely Kindi Kids toys to review and also a number of activity cards to keep her busy, entertained, and happy during lockdown and beyond.

We received the Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Toddler Doll (RRP: £25.00) and Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter (RRP: £15.00) for the purpose of this review - as you can see both looked amazing and so inviting in their packaging. Both toys are from Moose Toys and are suitable for children from 3 years of age. Ava's face was a picture when she opened the box to find these toys; Rainbow Kate, a new friend!

Rainbow Kate is possibly one of the most beautiful dolls we've ever seen. She stands at 10 inches tall and is bright, colourful, and is described as always fun and positive - a new Best Friend. She has big, glittery eyes, glossy rainbow coloured hair, and a head that bobbles with every movement. She wears the cutest dress and shoes, which are removable and can be changed with other Kindi dolls. She also comes with Shopkins accessories; a spin top cupcake and a magic sparkly slushie - place the straw up to her lips and watch her take a sip!

The Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter is the perfect size for all Kindi Kids dolls - ideal for riding around to deliver Shopkins to one another. It's so appealing and is a very sturdy and well-made toy. Simply push the scooter along and see it's cute face and wiggly ears - it's guaranteed to make your kids smile! It comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins: a Smoothie Shopkin and a Strawberry Shopkin - both super cute! There is a drinks holder on the front which is perfect for the Smoothie Shopkin and the carrier on the back is just the right size for any other Shopkins you may want to deliver.

Ava has had so much fun with Rainbow Kate and the scooter over the past week or so - so much so I had to order her another Kindi Kids doll because she was adamant the Rainbow Kate needed a sister! They are such well made, beautiful toys that I really didn't mind and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to a friend. Both these toys are suitable for children from 3 years of age and are available online at Argos.

Would your child like these toys?


  1. Ahh yoru daughter looks so happy with her doll and I love the scooter for it to ride on. hey are wonderfully colourful and great they come with activities to kepe little ones buys. Mich x

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  2. Hahah I agree, Rainbow Kate definitely needs a sister! Well played Ava ha. I love the look of the scooter!

  3. Love the rainbow hair, these look great!