Virtual Vibes - 3 Cool Ways We’re Connecting Online

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While we would never wish to downplay the seriousness of the current global health crisis, the flipside of isolation frustrations is that more time spent indoors can lead us to connect with each other in novel ways and even rethink some of our big questions on life and work. Ironically, despite physical distancing, online tools and resources are helping us to rediscover passions, connect with friends, family, and colleagues more regularly, share our thoughts and feelings, and reset our priorities. If you’re already enjoying these virtual vibes, consider the following cool ways we’re connecting online – you might want to integrate them into your regime!

1. Pub Quiz
If you’re missing the conviviality of your local boozer, perhaps you’re already having a regular pub quiz on Zoom or another similar tool and sharing a virtual tipple with mates while you flex your intellectual muscles with tricky questions on everything from football to literature and general knowledge? However, if you want to raise some cash while quizzing and would like to play alongside celebs, why not take part in The Big Comedy Quiz at The Covid ArmsFamiliar faces taking part are Jenny Ryan from The Chase, and comedians like Nish Kumar and Russell Howard.

2. Poetry vibes
Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ was penned way back in 1798, but its themes of isolation, struggle, and existential angst chime particularly well with the current environment. If you’re a fan of the epic piece, you might want to engage with the Big Read version, which commenced in April and features celebrity voices sharing narration duties as the poem progresses. You’ll hear the dulcet tones of everyone from actor Willem Dafoe to Beth Gibbons of the band Portishead, not to mention rock icon Iggy Pop and 60s legend Marianne Faithfull – pretty cool indeed!

3. Online Degrees
Spending more reflective time and home might have brought you to the conclusion that your current career has gone rather stale and just doesn’t feel satisfying anymore. Life’s too short to tolerate a job that makes you unhappy, so now could be the ideal time to start an online course that lets you switch career – taking an online MBA with ARU Distance Learning lets you study in your own time and work towards a qualification that helps you climb the ranks or set up shop on your own. Plus, although studying online is currently the norm, when lockdown eases, it provides fantastic flexibility in regular times when you need to study around work and family commitments.

So there you have it – a triad of terrific ways we’re connecting online – choose one that floats your boat and get started soon! Do share your own thoughts on socialising online in the comments section.

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