3 Great Ways To Keep The Kids Busy At Home

This is a collaborative post.

Lockdown measures are slowly beginning to lift, and people are beginning to find their new normal. With schools not yet ready to open for the majority of children, many kids are bored out of their minds, and parents are at a loss for keeping them entertained. Sound familiar? If you’re at your wits’ end, this list features three great ways to keep kids of all ages busy, ranging from activities you can enjoy as a family, to distractions that will bag you a few minutes peace.

If you’re not afraid of getting messy, this is one activity that your little ones will absolutely love. Getting busy in the kitchen is not only a wonderful way to spend some quality time together but the perfect opportunity for you to pick up a new lockdown skill. Oh, and you get something delicious out of it, which is a bonus! For absolute beginners, there are plenty of simple baking recipes that are just a Google search away. Sweet treats like cupcakes and cookies are fairly easy, don’t take too long and can even be decorated with a little icing and some sprinkle to maximise the fun. For family-friendly no-cook recipes that don’t involve the oven, this list has some super-creative suggestions, from classics like rocky road and cheesecake, to fruity ice lolly pens and star-shaped sandwiches.

It’s hard finding the time to read, and it can be even harder encouraging your kids to do so. But it’s a healthy habit to have at any age, and if you can find a book your kid will love, it can keep them quiet for hours on end. If they’re young enough to enjoy being read to, sharing a story together can be a really special experience that doesn’t have to wait until bedtime. If they’re old enough to read on their own, encourage them with games, such as a 30-day reading challenge, or even reading bingo! You can find both of those here.

Few parents are relishing their newfound home-schooling responsibilities as they try and keep up with the mountain of homework that schools have been sending out. Don’t feel guilty if it hasn’t quite gone to plan – many parents have found themselves staring blankly at their child’s work pondering what on earth those equations are supposed to mean, or wondering what a subjunctive or caesura is. If you’re really worried about your child falling behind with schoolwork, tutoring services like Teachers To Your Home could be just what they need to catch up. They offer tutors at all educational levels from primary to A-Level and are currently offering online sessions. Not only can tutoring be a great opportunity to get you, child, back on track, but the sessions might just give you a little well-earned peace and quiet, too!


  1. Lots of great ideas, especially baking since I’m sure lots of kids love to help out to bake some cakes

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