Resurfacing Your Skin For A Better You

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Life comes with many choices, but there is one choice we were never given, and that's the choice of the skin we're in. Tough or sensitive, dark or light complexion, dry or oily, no two skin conditions are exactly alike, and depending on who you are, that could be good, or bad. Sheltering in place has got us all facing ourselves, and the way we look on camera, and now we're looking to address those blemishes and skin flaws.

Looking to change the way your skin looks? Then, you've come to the right place. There are several skin resurfacing techniques available that can put you on the right track to better-looking skin, even if you're on a tight budget. Of course, some procedures are a little more invasive than others and may put a major dent in your budget. Others you can simply buy skincare products online, or from over the counter, and do-it-yourself right in your own bathroom at home. Let's review some skin resurfacing techniques that will be sure to make you look and feel more confident on cam.

Start with Topical Creams
There are all sorts of manufactured creams designed to focus on potential skin afflictions. Hydrocortisone is designed to help hydrate severely dry skin, resulting from rashes, hives, eczema or other reactions. Hydrocortisone cream comes in forms of 1 or 2% gradience at local pharmacies but will require a doctor's prescription as it is a steroid that has to be regulated. There are also bleaching creams, for those who need to even their skin tone, which can be purchased from almost any location that sells beauty products. Moisturizing, night and anti-aging creams are all very good skincare solutions, to minor skin problems that may develop over time.

Consider Going Deeper into Your Pores
If your skin problems go a little deeper--into your pores that is, then you will need a solution designed to go in after them. This is a process where you blanket the skin area with a skin peel solution, allowing it to remain on the skin for a limited duration of time, in order for it to work its magic. There are several types of skin peels with various ingredients that will focus on specific skin types and problem areas, like citrus, wax, and avocado, to name a few. Most peels are loaded with a combination of vitamins, to address deficiencies and chemicals, to kill infection or impurities attacking the skin, all designed to deep-clean the pores. Basically, flushing out the bad stuff, and replacing it with good.

The newest technique is called the "jet peel," which is the same concept, but using a spray tool to give off the "power washing effect." The pressurized air can literally peel off several layers of dead skin, instantly revealing newer softer skin in one session.

Thinking Longer Term
For the more long-term solution to a skin problem outside of surgery, is most definitely a laser. Have you changed your mind about that face tattoo? Or, did you somehow grow an unsightly mole that appeared virtually overnight? This may be the most expensive and most invasive of all techniques, but a final solution is just that with lasering. This process using heat and light to decimate layers of skin cells, down to its purest, over a few sessions.

And there it is, skin resurfacing techniques to help you get your glow. I see endless close-ups and selfies in your future! Enjoy!

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