Pound Puppies Newborns & Classic Plush Toys - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Pound Puppies were a household name back in the 80's - the must-have toy! They were originally released back in 1984 - this was before I was born but my cousins had them and I was ever so envious. I secretly hoped they would grow out of them and pass them on to me but they never did. My partner Nick also had one when he was a child - he named it Patch and it was his best friend for many years until he managed to lose it on a ferry to Spain. He was so upset that his Nan ordered him a new one but a dark brown one arrived in the mail - she told him that he'd gotten a tan while in Spain!

As you can see Pound Puppies meant so much to children back in the day and I was delighted to hear that they were making a comeback. Basic Fun has just released replica Pound Puppies which are just like the originals, just a bit brighter - it's time to relive the magic!

We were sent two Pound Puppies for the purpose of this review - one large Pound Puppies plush which measures at 17 inches long and an eight-inch Pound Puppies Newborns plush. Each pup comes with its own retro-style cardboard kennels and adoption certificates. The lack of plastic packaging with these toys is very refreshing. The cardboard kennel they are displayed in can be reused as a toy carrier, as a keepsake, or somewhere just to store it.

Ava insisted we open the "big doggy" first and was delighted when she spotted the collar and birth certificate - she named him right away like a good Mummy! Introducing Chip; 17 inches long, dark brown, and super soft and cuddly! He has hard eyes and nose, just like the originals - giving a huge dose of nostalgia.

Just look at that face and those puppy dog eyes - he's irresistible. Ava likes to "bop" him on the nose with her finger and tickle behind his ears - just like she does with our real-life pup Tucker. Speaking of Tucker, he's been a little jealous of all the attention we've been giving to our Pound Puppies. Don't worry, there's enough love to go around

Also included, within the reusable carrier, is a sheet of adorable Pound Puppies stickers. Ava decided to use them as plasters when playing vets with him - I love how her mind works. 
The large Pound Puppies plushes retail at £19.99 each and there are four different pups to collect - we will probably have to collect them all.

The Pound Puppies Newborns are a fraction of the size at just 8 inches long. They are just like the large ones, just smaller versions which in my opinion makes them even cuter! There are 8 different newborns to collect which I think is wonderful - you can create a whole Pound Puppies litter. It's worth noting that the Pound Puppies newborns don't come with a tag on their collar or sticker sheet, however, they do include a small carrier and a birth certificate. I think this is fine, especially at just £7.99 each.

This series of Pound Puppies is in partnership with Dogs Trust - the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, rehoming around 14,300 dogs every year. For each Pound Puppy sold (keep a lookout for the Dogs Trust logo on the cardboard carrier) Basic Fun will make a donation to of 11p for each Newborn Pound Puppy and 27p for the Classic Pound Puppies. I think this is wonderful for raising money and bringing awareness but also as an avenue to teach children about adoption and rescuing animals, about compassion, and creating life long bonds with our pets.

This delivery from Pound Puppies have brought so much happiness into our home during lockdown - they are lovely and just how I remember them. You can purchase them today, online, or in-store at Smyths, Argos, and Tesco.


  1. I didn't know you could still get Pound Puppies. They still look plush and cuddly and a treat for a young child

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  2. Aww I used to love Pound Puppies when I was a child! I didn't know they still did them!

  3. I rememeber these! They are still adorable

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  5. Aww these are so cute, even better than before

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